Where you are a year from now is a relfection of the choices you make today

Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by my page. I’m here to share with you how I quit corporate life after 25 years to start not just 1 but 2 businesses! If I can do this, so can YOU!

Was I scared? Yes.
Did I have all the answers? No.
Was it graceful? Absolutely not.
Was it worth it? Most definitely.

Corporate life taught me a lot. It showed me the fundamental requirements of customer service at every level. I met many great people along the way from whom I learned countless important lessons.

Having said that, I realized that there were numerous opportunities in life that I still needed to explore. I wanted to enjoy the little things in life with my family above all. This led me to making one of the scariest decisions of my life.

I made the decision to not return to the corporate life & instead joined forces with like-minded individuals and opened up an all-women’s fitness studio here in Miami, Fl. I am happy to say that my business has been open for over a year.

Encouraging women to invest in their health was a newfound passion of mine. But it didn’t stop at fitness, this passion grew into helping women feel good about their hair & skin too. Being around all these ladies exposed me to the variety of struggles that many of us have in common & often face in silence, including myself.

For years I’ve personally struggled with hair loss, hair thinning and the inevitable signs of aging (aka the dreaded wrinkles). This was when my daughter introduced me to Monat, products that she has personally been using for over a year. I saw firsthand how her skin transformed & she became so much more comfortable showing her natural beauty. Not to mention that her gorgeous hair was now even shinier & stronger than ever before.

In December of 2019, my daughter, Melissa gifted me a set of Monat products as a Christmas gift. Little did I know, these products would soon change my life for the better in ways that I would never have imagined. Not only did they help my hair condition & my skin but now I would be helping women just like me with their own hair/skin concerns.

If you are tired of wasting money on products that promise results that you never see, I invite you to complete my questionnaire so that I can recommend the perfect haircare or skincare system for your specific needs.