Why have you had a passion for self care?

Hello there,

My name is Noreen. I am 19 years old. I am a full time college student pursuing entrepreneurship. I am currently a business major. My intention is to impact as many people as I can throughout this journey.

Growing up during my teenage years, I struggled with acne. Everything you name, I had. The blackheads, the whiteheads, the cystic pimples, the scarring.. EVERYTHING!! I felt insecure within my own skin to the point where I wouldn’t want to look at myself in the mirror. That was the peak of me realizing how important self care is. I built my beauty routine and never felt better than before.

I know the struggle of facing insecurites. I understand the feelings and emotions that come along with your confidence going out the window. I felt the same way in my skin journey. I learned how important it is to build up your beauty routine and be consistent with using them.


What is the VIP program?

What are the perks of becoming a VIP client?
- get 15% of all products
- earn free shipping on your order
- receive a premium product that are “only for you”
- earn a special birthday treat
- special promotion including to exclusive flash sales, special offers & promotions
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- get products customized for their skin, hair & body
- products products that can last 5-7 months
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My Top 5 Picks

My top 5 recommendations for you✨

Dry shampoo ✨

- absorbs oil & dirt in between hair washes
- leaves your hair smelling fresh
- no white residue
- adds volume
- vegan, cruelty free

Lash and brow serum ✨

-clinically proven to increase strength & condition lashes & brows
-key ingredient: capixyl
- super light weight
- super concentrated formula
- vegan, cruelty free

Total greens ✨

- contains 37 different fruits & veggies
- helps support digestion
- helps improve energy + mood
- supports immune system
- vegan, cruelty free

Rejuvenique oil ✨

- best selling product
- made with 13 plant based oils
- 101+ ways to use this: lip balm, scalp treatment, moisturize split ends, stretch marks, frizzy hair, sun burn, bug bites, makeup primer, moisturizer for tattoos etc.
- super concentrated formula
- vegan, cruelty free

Curl cream ✨

- great for wavy + curly hair
- light weight, curl- perfecting styler
- conditions & defines curls
- contains Shea butter
- concentrated formula
- vegan & cruelty free