Full Spectrum Doula Support

Nori Tobon

Full Spectrum Doula and Childbirth Educator

Certified through Doula Trainings International

Providing compassionate, evidence based care and support for clients on their fertility journey, in pregnancy, through labor and birth, and immediate postpartum.

Helping you through education and empowerment to lead your journey into parenthood. Joining your team to educate, encourage, and support. Helping you advocate to make informed decisions along the way.

Providing non-judgmental, trauma informed, HAES support to fertility, birth, and postpartum experiences across the spectrum, with ample varied experience supporting journeys unique to each client. Providing inclusive care, LGBTQIA+ affirming support to every family and individual.

Pregnancy and birth packages that include private childbirth education and birth plan guidance, dependable on-call availability, and optional addition of postpartum support during your early days and nights at home.

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“Admittedly I am awash in the warmest and fuzziest hormones but I hope that is even further testament to how incredible our recent experience with Nori was. My husband and I are 100% convinced that while we might have survived labor and delivery without her, it would have been just barely. She knew exactly what we needed to do and hear long before we did and somehow intuitively understood how she fit into the bigger picture of our birth, taking a backseat at certain times so that my husband and I could be in the lead and stepping out front when both of us were either overwhelmed, exhausted, or just plain unable to see what we needed in the moment. When it became clear to me that our birth plan needed to change, Nori‘s approach was perfect: she worked hard to ensure that the decision came not from being afraid or overwhelmed and that I was as educated and empowered as possible in that moment. And that is how I will always feel about my birth experience: confident that the decisions that we made to bring our baby into the world were the right ones for us. We cannot say thank you enough.

With love, ”

Kind Words

Nori is an exceptional doula, support person, and friend. She will instantly make you feel heard, supported, and cared for. Nori does everything she can to meet you where you are in your journey and help you learn as much as you can along the way with knowledge and support with any of your questions or concerns -- she even has a ton of great recommendations for additional support services and specialists. Nori was patient, understanding, helpful, and kind to my husband and I when I started to go into false labor for a week; constantly checking in, answering questions, listening and validating my experience, and making suggestions to make my experience more tolerable. She was the best at supporting me through my anxiety over birth and long labor. My birth ended up not following my birth plan, but Nori did every single thing she could along the way to honor as much of it as possible. Nori was a strong advocate for my husband and I when we weren’t being heard in the delivery room and continued to empower me until the very last second before my c-section. I do not believe we would have gotten as far in my birth plan as we did without her. Following up with Nori postpartum was like talking to my best friend -- she made my husband and I feel so comforted and loved, especially in those vulnerable moments. The support from Nori didn’t end after birth; she continued to provide resources and suggestions as they came up and always did so with love and understanding. Having Nori by my side, literally and metaphorically, was the absolute best decision I could have made for myself and my baby.

Kind Words

Nori’s professional demeanor, emotional depth, and deep knowledge & experience make her truly someone special to work with as a doula. Understanding the complicated and emotionally intense journey that a couple is about to go through, she offers advice, assistance, and pragmatic outlooks on the toughest decisions but delivers it with warmth and empathy. As the non-laboring partner, my interactions with Nori were especially key as I recognized that we needed to become a cohesive support team for my spouse. Her poignant advice and reassuring nature helped me find the confidence that I needed to make sure I could do everything in my power to support my spouse’s pregnancy and delivery. Nori’s commitment to her clients is truly unwavering and remarkable to see in action. Although our L&D story did not follow our birth plan (for reasons outside anyone’s control), Nori’s experience and knowledge meant she could provide us with a clear set of scenarios and options at each stage of the delivery. She provided us with critical information in clear, unbiased ways so that we could make the decision that was best for us at that moment and allow us to confidently advocate to hospital staff about my spouse’s needs and the situation writ large. I am so incredibly thankful for Nori’s support and guidance. I truly could not imagine going through this experience without her and I am so grateful that we had her by our side.