About me


Hey guys! My name is Kassidy. I am 23 and live in the beautiful state of Michigan. 🌲🌲❄️
Recently, I have felt God’s call on my life to do something more. I was struggling with my “calling” and my “purpose”. Why did He put me here? It wasn’t to be miserable at my job (Hallelujah) or to just go through the motions. He created me for a life of fulfillment, passion, and movement.
Happy to say, I finally started to listen a little bit more and talk a little less. God has lead me to start a ministry through yoga. Which sounds scary and ridiculous just writing that down. And if that’s not enough, let me just say this, I am not even certified yet! That’s not happening until October. But here I am, putting my faith into ACTION. I am trusting God completely. I have fear and doubts attacking me but most of all I have an overwhelming sense of peace about this decision. I have lots of plans and ideas in my mind for the future but those will come with time. Right now I want to leave you with this.

If you are tired, exhausted, and on the edge. Then that’s where change occurs. Hang in there! All prayers WILL be answered.
Jesus went to the wilderness countless times in the Bible, to seek alone time with God. We need to do the same! God gave me my slogan “Keep it Wild” during a bible study LAST year (before I had any idea that this was going to happen). That’s what this all means to me. Stepping out on faith.
I want to foster a community of Jesus loving yogis that can take an hour out of their day or week and travel into the wilderness to seek God out!

There is the sum of plan. Follow God, Have Faith.

Thanks for listening. Till next time,

Have a blessed day. 🙏

Today’s theme: Faith without ACTION is nothing.
In the Bible, when Jesus offered healing to people, often he would say “Take up your mat and walk” or “reach out your hand”. Over even one instance of “Jump into the water 7 times”. These people required faith, but also the willingness to step out.
How bad do you want it?
How bad do you want that healing or whatever you are seeking?
Are you willing to look foolish? Are you brave?
Faith is nothing with out action. We need to step out, stretch out our hand, take the healing and restoration that Jesus offers us everyday.
Faith with ACTION.