Homeschooling Wilderness Momma of 2

Hey there!!

My name is Amanda and I am a Homeschooling/Wilderness Schooling momma of 2 and Social Media Marketer! I work my business in the nooks and cranies of my day which is easy to do when sharing a product you love!

I was first introduced to these amazing products totally by accident! I went to a random group to post about my other business and stumbled upon this post from a lady talking about her coffee and something spoke to me.

I had been feeling pretty down on myself. Pretty lazy to be honest. Even my 6 year old daughter said my creature power was sloth power 🦥 (anyone with kids who watch Wild Kratts will get it) while everyone else in the family had some amazing animal power. Daddy had lion strength 🦁 brother had Vilociraptor bite 🦖 and she had cheetah speed 🐆. But I was a sloth 🦥 because I moved slow and didn't do much 🙀

Literally in the next day or two I stumbled across this company and my life changed forever. I didn't just get my life BACK I got a whole new life I never knew existed. You see, I was always a sloth. A total couch potato 🥔 , even as a kid! I had no interest in sports or outdoor activities. It wasn't until I met my husband that I really enjoyed the outdoors at all. And it wasn't until Happy Co that I now ENJOY working out and ENJOY eating healthy.

And I really think the results speak volumes for the products.

I have tried other plans before. And tried to workout before. I have paid for a trainer, workout videos, tiny containers to portion out food... I have tried lots... And have never had the determination, energy and emotional stability to stick with it this long. To really see the results and make a change in my lifestyle.

I am making me a priority thanks to these products. They are TRULY making my life better, and they can make your life better too (or your money back 💛)

Swipe to learn more about what I do and see if it is a good fit for you 😉