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Explore the Minecraft Universe with us! Every world features a different part of the early 2000s to remind you of your childhood! We hope you join us out of interest and stay for the laughs 😉!

Our videos will not be available to the public, so to see them, you must use the links on this website! Each page will be a different series with a different part of our past!

New videos when we feel like it - usually on Mondays and Fridays! (if we have time and technology wants us to)

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Our Inspirations

Stampy, Sqaishey, Squid, Our Favorite Minecraft YouTubers

We have been inspired by Stampy, Sqaishey, Squid, and Friends to start making videos and wanted to give them a shout-out!

We have admired and looked up to them since we were in elementary school and continue to watch them, so they are most definitely a part of our childhood! We love them so much!

Throughout all of our series, we will likely be making references to them, so now you know who they are (if you didn't already)! :))


Stampy Cat uploads a lot of different types of gaming videos, but most of it is Minecraft. His most famous series is "Stampy's Lovely World". He has taken a break from Minecraft and YouTube for a couple of years to write his series of books, but is getting back into it. He was also part of Wonder Quest, a series that we have mentioned in our videos about the importance of wondering.

Instagram: @stampycatyt
Twitter: @stampylongnose

Sqaishey Quack

Sqaishey plays a lot of video games, but mainly Minecraft. She has done many series with Stampy, including all of the Den Series (Cave Den, Sky Den, Ocean Den, and Space Den), Twins, Super Happy Fun Time, and MORE! She has her own series called Feather adventures where she just has fun! CONGRATS TO HER!! SHE JUST GOT 1 MILLION ON YT!

Instagram: @sqaishey
Twitter: @Sqaishey


Squid, like the others, uploads a lot of different gaming content, but mainly Minecraft. He and Stampy have done many famous series together, including Quest (It was originally the Quest to Kill the Ender Dragon-our inspiration for our series, Teletubbies), Building Time, many different challenges, and MORE!

Instagram: @instasquiddy
Twitter: @iBallisticSquid

Suggestions, Questions, and Cameos!!

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We want YOU to be a part of our videos and have a say in what happens, so we've opened this form for you to make any suggestions that you think will improve our videos, ask any questions, and request to make a cameo. Unfortunately, we can only use the bedrock version of Minecraft, but we hope you can join us on our adventure!

Feel free to fill out this form as many times as you want! :))

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