part 1: Angie!

Hey everyone! I’m Hannah, otherwise known as Angie, and I’m the first half of Noted!

I’m a 17 year old high school senior who flippin loves Jesus. I’m also very interested in and devoted to my academics, and I have big dreams for college.

Along with that, I love all things literature. In my free time I read a lot! I enjoy reading poetry more than writing it, but I’ve dabbled in the poetic verse. Art, movies, and bird watching are also some pastimes of mine. I love to travel, and I’ve had the amazing opportunity to have visited around 7 different countries and a variety of the states.

Some other random things about me are that I really enjoy cleaning (especially when I’m stressed) and I CAN’T STAND when people chew loudly. I live in a family of 7, and while it’s not the biggest family size out there, it’s still a crazy time at my house.

Part 2: Noel!

hullo! my name is hannah noel, and i’m the second half of noted!

i’m 18 (a real adult!) and a senior in high school. i have lots of dreams and tentative plans for my future, so right now i’m pretty sure i want to become a either a pilot, an entrepreneur, or a constitutional lawyer, but i’ll go wherever God takes me!

i spend most of my free time either painting (my current favorite medium is gouache!) or skating around my neighborhood. i also love public speaking, and i’ve been competing in speech and debate for the past three years, as well as one season of mock trial!

my biggest dream is to travel the whole world and go on lots of adventures. for some inexplicable reason, i’m also really into the idea of living in unconventional housing, whether that means a van, a school bus, or a shipping container home.

my favorite things in life are people (of course), hugs, starry nights, sticky notes, plants of all kinds, camping trips, skateboards, watercolors, and pretty much all the good foods, but if i had to pick favorites they’d be lo mein, cinnamon rolls, and mango. i’m also the definition of a type nine on the enneagram, so i really hate conflict but i absolutely thrive whenever i spend lots of time outdoors!

thanks for sticking around! i think you’re great!