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Specializing in functional fitness nutrition designed to keep your body adaptable to whatever life throws at you.

My name is Kara and I've been a fitness nutritionist since 2015. I am certified through ISSA - Fitness Nutrition Specialist Program.

I have served many clients primarily those in the military.

I have been a Navy Command Fitness Leader for 5 years guiding and training sailors through all their unique journeys.

Now it's time to expand and offer my services to those of all walks of life. I hope you will trust me with your journey.

Functional, adaptable, tactical, performative.

Nutrition is the fuel that powers human performance. Proper nutrition will help you optimize your daily mental and physical potential by keeping you alert, and prepared. In contrast, poor nutrition will slash your physical readiness, mental acuity and undermine your conditioning efforts and overall well being. Proper habits will keep you stronger and more resilient so you can live the life that you're meant to.

Haddock Fish Tacos

Easy, simple and delicious

👀Ingredient deats👇

What's the wrap? 🌮Cauliflower tortillas (you can also use cassava or corn tortillas) I like mine with a slight crunch so I'll heat them in a pan on the stove.
Once done put to the side.

The Fish? 🐟Haddock

On a cooking pan lined with parchment or aluminum foil and season the fish on each side with the following:
🧅Onion powder
🧂Cracked black pepper
🧂Pink sea salt
🧄Fresh garlic

Preheat oven to 350\375. Once heated, place the cooking sheet in the middle rack. Depending on the time you choose, you will know when the fish is done when it's white and flaky.

While that is cooking make the salsa. (you could also prep this the night before for even more flavor)

The secret is in the salsa
🥭Mango (of course)
🧅Red onion
🍋1 squeezed lemon & lime
🍊Half a squeezed orange
🧂Black pepper to taste.

Once the fish is done make your tacos in the typical fashion you do and enjoy! 🌮

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