stan list!

-wilbur soot

about me personally

hey im louisa but i like to go by lou, my pronouns are she/they and i am from england (bst time)

to be completely honest im a really boring person so I have no idea what to put here, I know i don’t tweet or talk much, but i will open up and talk more once i get to know you.

I may also mention somebody called ally or alouette (@alouettejordan on twitter) who earlier this month sadly passed away, if i mention her just say and i will stop because I will talk about things that I go through and can be a lot to take in.

this is a really boring get to know me type beat but im just a really fucking boring person but ask questions if you want to know anything.

and if you couldn’t tell already i am a wilbur soot simp.

boundaries and what I’m ok with

what content i am comfortable with

i am ok with any content online as long as it’s within reason, for example if you dmd me something nsfw or anything with out a tw, with no context or previous conversations i would find it uncomfortable.

also please don’t bring up anything that has happened to me in the past or talking about ally in a way that would trigger anything or upset me as the situation has only happened recently.

im also enjoy listening to what you enjoy talking about even if i don’t stan or like who/what you are talking about.

you reached the end!

thank you for reading, bye <3