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Notty posts videos every Wednesday & Friday! Her most recent one being how she was able to manifest instantly by doing the inner work first.

Black Girl Sun Fairy Makeup

Create a Space To Meet Your Ancestors & Guides

Manifest Instantly By Doing the Inner Work

Law of Attraction

Meditation For Beginners

Fairy Makeup Tutorial

Start Healing From Trauma

About Notty!

Visual Artist & Spiritual Advisor

Notty Designs is a black traditional watercolor artist who loves to create black women as supernatural, ethereal beings that are comfortable in their sexuality. She was born and raised in Savannah, Ga where she grew up immersed in anime, reading an ungodly amount of supernatural and romance books and being artistically inclined. She mostly works with watercolor paints to create a fantastical body of work.

Notty is a spiritual person who often describes herself as a witch and rootworker. She loves astrology and tarot as well and uses her knowledge to help those who need that little extra kick to start loving themselves and life. She is often inspired by sex workers, anime/manga and anything that is supernatural. Notty tends to be a day dreamer, having Libra placements her mind loves to stay in the clouds where she creates her beautiful beings.

Here’s a quote from Notty when asked why she creates what she does,

“I love creating black women. I love showing how multidimensional, loving, powerful and amazing we are. It’s something I will never stop doing. It’s something that keeps me going and reminds me how powerful, beautiful and amazing I am. And I hope every black woman/femme feels the same when looking at my work. This is for you.”