Nourish the Body —

To Heal the Soul:)

The ultimate goal in life is to reach a maximum amount of happiness & to maintain it. This blog will help you find the keys to happiness:) Some ways to a good mental health are as easy as cooking at home for yourself! Another essential in life is learning how to balance your “me” time from your “we” time to find yourself.

There are many reasons why we all should cook our own meals at home more often. Some of the reasons, we already know but store at the back of our heads. Number one, it saves money which is always a good thing. Secondly, it’s motivating to eat healthy. Lastly, when you cook your own food, you know exactly what is going into your meal.

Time must be set aside for yourself sometimes; no music, no friends, and no bad thoughts are necessary in order to figure yourself out. With too many distractions you won’t allow yourself to have these times which will shape you based on your own mind instead of being in public all the time. That could lead to you acting how you think everyone around you thinks you should act, rather than how you would normally be. Finding & knowing oneself sets up how they would set boundaries, standards, and how they would be able to set and achieve personal goals and wants.

This blog will display mind insights, motivations, health plans, recipes, tutorials, etc.

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