Health is a choice + journey

Make simple choices to start

It’s incredibly daunting to figure out the best approach for our own bio-individual needs right? Trust me I’ve been there, I’ve cried on the bathroom floor, In the aisles of Whole Foods…I know how defeating it is. I made a choice a long time ago that I would commit no matter what, and because of that It led me to some major full circle moments for me. Although I am no expert, and forever am a student to learning + experimenting, I’ve found healing, healing is not a final destination, and it’s definitely not linear, but it is possible to find a natural rhythm specific to you.
I’m just your everyday woman learning to flow with life, I wish I were an expert but I’ve learned to be okay with not being one. I just wish to share what has worked for me and hope to pass that along to hide out there that are meant to stumble across them and possibly help them make small shifts in their own lives like I did.

Structured Water

I believe that water is one of THE foundational things to shift in your life if you can prioritize it. Which also happens to be one of the most controversial subjects on the internet. For me I've chosen to let my instincts guide me best + it led me to learning about structured water, otherwise known as the 4th of phase water (EZ~ exclusion zone). EZ water was largely discovered & studied by Dr. Gerald Pollack, who in simple terms learned that water within our bodies (which is made up of 99% of water molecules) have the ability to turn infrared energy that works on an intracellular level, and converts bulk water 'dead water' (H20) into 'living water' known as EZ water H302. It carries a negative charge which is able to react intracellularly with its environment like a communication/transportation system. This is why electrolytes/mineralization is incredibly key to our wellness. This is the bedrock of functioning optimally in daily life, and unfortunately something as simple as our understanding of water has been turned upside down & hijacked. Filtered water is only 20% of importance, we should be more focused on how to integrate LIVING filtered water in our homes, not completely filtering out our water to make it ZERO water. It needs to be charged with something in order to have any true impact.
I used to chug water like it was my day job & never feel quenched, we are quite literally drowning ourselves with useless "hydration". I noticed noticeable impact in my life when I made this a priority.
Now I want to make sure I share with others the options they have. I learned about Gary Greenfield through a couple podcast interviews & he's a wealth of knowledge & has made it his mission to provide too notch water systems for peoples homes. You can choose from handheld, under the sink, or even whole home systems, even for your garden hose!
A good visualization to help you understand is imagining tiny little snowflake molecule structures flowing throughout our bodies, vs. broken bonded water not able to hold together well. Check out the link below! I hope this was informative & helpful!