My Top Picks

My products I love to nourish myself,my family & my home

Recommendation #1 melaleuca

Chemical free toxin free cleaning products I love to clean my home with cause we all know how harmful chemicals are for yours and your families health fill in the wellness evaluation for to see how melaleuca can help you switch the way you shop to a chemical free lifestyle 🌱
🌱for my home and family melaleuca wellness shopping club
I joined the largest online health and wellness store. A few months ago
Their products are made with the best of nature and the safest of science.
Their products range from household cleaning to nutrition to bath and body.
I switched the way I shop because I want to ensure my home is as safe and toxin-free as I can make it.
With these products, I know I can get my house clean, without all of the harsh chemicals.
They have well over 400 products.
These are all products you are already purchasing, just a safer, non-toxic alternative.

If you would love know more and ditch the chemicals fill in the melaleuca wellness evaluation Form 🌱

Recommendation #2 Herbalife nutrition

🌱Herbalife nutrition 🌱
✅losing weight/bellyfat
✅gaining muscles /weight
✅skin nutrition
✅earning extra income part time
✅ maintaining a healthy balanced life

the one thing that impressed me about Herbal life is that they use cellular nutrition technology

Herbalife's philosophy is to nourish you at the cellular level"
Herbalife Research and development team discovered something revolutionary. They discovered that no matter what you do, unless you properly nourish your cells, you cannot improve your well being or sustain your ideal weight.

Cellular Nutrition From this realisation was born Herbalife's Cellular Nutrition Program. It's the very foundation from which you nourish your cells for proper metabolism, growth, repair, detoxification and reproduction.

With a scientifically balanced combination of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates and fat,
Herbalife has discovered the best foundation for enhanced well being and weight loss. By using the highest quality herbs and purest ingredients, you will be able to sustain a vital, healthy, and more energetic you! We call it Cellular Nutrition™ and it's the way to start building a solid foundation for long-term health.
Click the link to see how Herbalife can help you on your nutrition wellness goals

Recommendation #3 flavourista

I love to cook and bake with the Flavourista range has speciality olive oils and balsamic vinegar, spice and salt blends, lush chocolate powders, dessert toppings and sauces, tea blends and dukkahs.

Every product has been carefully selected, so your everyday cooking experience is full of flavour, fun and enjoying the experience of sharing great food with the people you love most