About Me

Health & Happiness From The Inside Out

has a specialty in empowering woman to reclaim their life from the binge and restrict cycle. While on your healing journey, she will offer her support on navigating through digestive issues, and regulating hormones/emotions.

My mission is:
I want you to feel nourished, on and off the plate. I’m not a typical counselor, dietician, or doctor. I will help you heal ALL areas of your life, because I understand health is not just about medicine, nutrition and food.

Health is about intimate relationships, a fulfilling career, financial abundance, regular physical activity, and a spiritual practice. When all these are balanced, they fill your soul and satisfy your hunger.

Think about a time when you were high on life, throwing you head back laughing. Food was probably your last worry. Don’t let food strip away any more of your happiness, you’re worth it.

My wellness program is designed to uncover the real reasons you are restricting and binging. You will learn how to deal with hard emotions, create new coping mechanisms, and listen to your bodies needs instead of being controlled by your mind and emotions.

My Wellness Program

Your Guide On The Side For Your Wild Ride

My wellness program is exactly what I needed when I was younger and struggled with my body image and an eating disorder. I used food to numb my stress, pain, and past traumas. After years of restricting food and binging and feeling at war with food and myself; I started to heal myself holistically. I now view my disordered eating as a symptom and the cause was endless years of not nurturing myself enough in different areas of my life. I knew I could only heal by getting to the root of the issue. Along my journey, I wish I would have sought outside help sooner. But shame and guilt blocked me from doing so. I encourage you to take that loving step towards getting your health back in balance.

Start with a complimentary health consultation with me.

Phase one:
We look closely at your current relationship with food and other health concerns/goals. This is where we begin to rewire your mindset around dieting and food!

-Nutrient awareness
-Hunger and fullness cues

-Calorie obsession and restriction
-“All or nothing” mentality

Phase two:
You will learn how what you eat affects your moods, hormones, skin, gut microbiome, sleep and digestion. We look at your day to day struggles when it comes to meal planning, cooking, and grocery shopping and develop a simple action plan.

•Nutrition science without complications
•Understanding the role of the gut health and hormones

•Fad diets
•Digestive issues, mood instability, and poor stress management

Phase Three:
We develop tools for coping with stress and emotions. You can make peace with your body once and for all. We touch on exercise and how you can find joy in movement.

•Exercising out of love for your body
•Being in tune with your emotions

•Using diet and exercise to get “the perfect body”
•Feeling unmotivated to workout
•Stress running you down

Who this program is for:
•anyone who eats in secret, usually large amounts
•anyone who has ever ate and thought what have I just done, I feel disgusting
•anyone in a binge/restrict cycle
•ready to end diet cycle/body shaming/disordered eating
•anyone who has felt guilt/shame when eating
•felt out of control while eating, “couldn’t stop yourself”

Who this program is not for:
•anyone who is not ready to devote themselves fully to their healing
•anyone who wants to learn about restricting diets/food calories
•anyone who has not felt like they have trouble with food
•anyone who wants a quick fix to lose weight


Favorites | Quick & Delicious

Easy Almond Flour Pancakes!

Craving something sweet for breakfast? These are light and fluffy and will leave you wanting more 😍 also a healthy twist to the regular refined flour pancakes!

Vegan Pumpkin Bars

Perfect fall comfort dessert. Moist, fluffy and will have your mouth watering! The pumpkin scent will have your house smelling like a candle! I used almond flour in mine and coconut sugar, but you can use whatever brands you love.

Vegan Red Lentil Curry

Creamy and indulgent but made with wholesome vegan ingredients!

Vegan Pumpkin Ricotta Stuffed Shells

The ultimate fall comfort food, these vegan Pumpkin Ricotta Stuffed shells are cheesy, creamy, chewy, and garlicky.

African Sweet Potato Stew

Hugh Jackman’s recipe from his cookbook! One of my absolute favorite when your wanting something warm and nourishing! The seasonings give this stew so much yummy flavor!

Vegan Banana Bread

These were so yummy! Also a healthy twist to banana bread. Instead of refined white flour, you can use almond flour. Monk fruit sweetener is also a healthy alternative to white sugar, both of these alternatives don’t spike your insulin levels. I also used chia seeds instead of eggs to make this vegan.

Macadamia Nut Chicken

Ground macadamia nuts and shredded coconut give this dish a crunchy and buttery texture. Be careful to only get organic and pasture raised chicken, as any pesticides the chickens ingest through their food get stored in the fat and skin.

Hawaiian BBQ Meatza Pizza Recipe

Have you ever heard of a meatza? It’s the low-carb, grain-free answer to pizza cravings. I topped mine with spinach, onion, cilantro marinara, and mozzarella! Oh and don’t forget about the red pepper flakes. Yum!


I was dreaming about Olive Garden, so decided to make this yummy minestrone soup. So delicious and easy!