It’s a Big World but I Fall at Your Feet

hi woo, it’s me...your boo. yeah, that was gay...shut up. i’m here to talk about a few things today,...,you are the few things. i don’t even know where to start. it’s funny how i say i could talk about you all day yet when the time comes it’s quiet...i just get so caught up in all of our memories that I can’t decide on what to talk about but let’s start at the beginning?

you randomly sent me a video of yourself and my immediate reaction was to baby you and so i did. i did it a lot lmao and for a long time. you were sweet, respectful and bad at making jokes (you still are). i remember the first time we hung out it was because i was complaining about how ridiculously long your nails were and you let me cut them for you. then you admitted at one point that i made you nervous but a good nervous. my big head then wondered if you had a lil crush on me or something (how vain i know). i just know i wanted to take care of you and teach you (even though i didn’t know shit myself). you were awkward yet i still was drawn to you, still wanted to talk to you all the time even though i felt like we remained at one level for the longest time.

i can say that i’ve always liked you, from the start but falling in love with you was something entirely different. we spent months of talking and i felt like i had no idea who you were? you were just my super cute, shy friend. then one day...when it seemed like we were about to end, everything changed. you were someone entirely new to me and in that moment of you not wanting to lose me, i knew that i wanted to keep you forever. it took me awhile to get myself in order and to realize how much i felt for you, how deep i felt for you and to actually admit what i felt for you to you. you asked if you were dreaming when i told you i was falling in love with you. that’s something i have to ask myself everyday when i’m with you. you’re unreal.

Every Little Step I Take, You Will Be There. Every Little Step I Make, We’ll Be Together.

man i try my hardest to not be that guy that talks about their significant other all the time but my head is only full of you majority of the time, how can i not let everyone know?? i think that’s why i tell you i love you so much. i think about you so much, maybe too much, that all my thoughts condense down to “i love him.” you make me laugh all the time, everyday. i’m never bored with you, there’s never a dull moment. even when we’re just in silence (during plato lmao), it’s comfortable. we could be doing absolutely shit nothing and i’d be the happiest man because just being in your presence brings me a kind of joy that i haven’t felt in a long time.

there are so many things i want to do with you and despite us being busy i know we’re going to do every single one of them.
i want to teach you how to drive :) don’t worry i am a good teacher.
i want to have a picnic with you (at the park, on the beach, in one of our dorms).
i want to have you taste all of my favorite wines and judge them (and me).
i want to serenade you.
i want to dance for you (not a lap dance, that’ll be on the next slide).
i want to watch your favorite show with you, from the beginning.
i want to go to japan with you (no yuto is not coming).
i want to write a song about you.
i want to write a song for you.
i want to braid your hair (my sister taught me).
i want to adopt pets with you.
i want us to move in together 😳
i want to spend the rest of my life with you, kim sunwoo.

you’re my everything and i can’t imagine my life without you. i don’t even remember what i was like before i met you nor do i care because i think i’ve become a better person since we met (like 1%). i wake up and all i wanna do is make sure you’re happy. no i’m not giving up on making sure you’ve eaten properly or slept well but let’s be real that’s a big ass stretch. i may sound a bit obsessive with you at times....because i am but i can’t help myself. i haven’t been so infatuated with a person like this ever. you’re all i think about and all i wanna be about. you’re my everything.

I Can Turn the Lights Off, It’s A Freakshow If You Want It

just sinful

you have awakened something unstoppable in me. i don’t even know what to call it but i just knows it’s fucking nasty. the things i want to do to you...the things i want us to do together. let’s start.

you never believe me when i say this and it’s because the word has became cringe over the years but that’s not my fault. i mean this by its very definition—kim sunwoo you are the sexiest man i have ever encountered. you turn me on with the simplest words but i guess that just falls back to me being super attracted to you. any little thing you do makes me squirm and every time you’re around me all i want to do is touch you and return the favor.

fuck how i want to touch you...feel your soft tease you. i want to tease you so bad you end up hating me for juuuuust a few minutes. until i give in and give us what we both want.

i want my fingers inside you, for you to ride them, begging for something else—something more. but you know i wouldn’t give it to you right? i wouldn’t give me to you...but you also know i can’t say no to you either. denying you but also giving you what you want is my biggest pleasure.

we’re both inexperienced which makes this twice as frustrating because there’s so much i want to do but i don’t know where to fucking start. i want to kiss you, leave marks all along your body, make you cry as i eat you out, have you say my name while i fuck you. i want to be your first and your last. whatever comes between will be for both of us.

speaking of what comes between. i feel like along with threesomes there’s so much more when we can try. like toys...ngl the thought of you plugged up all day while you’re at practice or your studio keeps me up at night. i know you’re someone who can’t sit still and your face can be hard to read at times but how long do you think you could hold it? before you come completely undone in front of everyone around you? before you feel embarrassed but also feel immense amounts of pleasure all because of me?

we have so much experimenting to do but first and foremost i just want to make love to you. to make you fully and wholly mine. to make sure you know that you’re the only one for me and that i love you more than anything in this world. no matter what happens or doesn’t you’ll always be mine. my sunwoo.