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Now art thou

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Mindful explorations into
Visionary Creativity
Bring forth what is experienced
as you focus within.

Creativity from the inside out.

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Write 2-3 short paragraphs about who Consider yourself an artist (you are) or not (really?) to live life means we are creative beings.


“Life is sacred. Life is art. Life is sacred art.  The soul is our artistic self, our capacity for transforming every dimension of our lives into art.”

Gabrielle Roth


Consider how the practice of mindfulness of the body supports creativity, in our real-world lives and as a connection to what can be called sacred. Sacred, meaning, not mundane or profane. Yet also something that defies description. The unanswerable, unknowing, yet ever ongoing presence that may (or may not) support life.

Meditation and creative art provide a gateway that connects us in the moment with the Divine Source of Creation. Called by many names this essence manifests Itself in a myriad of forms.

If Spirit originate and resides within, everyone is gifted with the ability to create reflections of that Source through Visionary Art. The phrase Now Art Thou refers to the process where what is experienced within in the moment is transformed to manifest Art: the Greater “Thou.”

Artists who contact the Creative Source within channel Spirit into form. Visionary artists communicate their inner experience into artwork. Blessed with a personal

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