Nowhere I would rather be...

Helping you make every day a vacation!

Nowhere I would rather be...

Hi, I’m Jen!

I have always loved to travel! I’ve studied abroad three times, both in undergrad and grad school. I was the director of a study abroad program in London before moving to Minneapolis and eventually working in finance. I spent 2018 taking a vacation every month!

I recently quit my job and moved south for love and warm weather. I promised myself I would embrace every day, find moments for self care, and appreciate all the little things about Dallas and Texas!

I’m always looking for a reminder of my travels or a moment that takes me on a mini vacation! All I know is there’s nowhere I would rather be than here!

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Social Media Coaching

Want to pick my brain about your social media? Let’s do it!

Two sessions are currently offered:
1. $30-30 Min power chat via phone or zoom
2. DISCOUNTED $40–60 Min in person meetup

DM OR EMAIL TO BOOK in person meet up OR USE LINK for virtual power chat
[email protected]
Insta: @nowhereiwouldratherbe

I’d love to have an open conversation about your social media needs! Whether it’s just starting or already a success, everyone needs a few pointers on social media strategy!

Check out just a few of the common topics for consultations:
• creating a new brand from the platform up
• growing your authentic Instagram following
• expanding to other platforms like Pinterest to increase traffic your website
• expanding your knowledge to increase engagement on your page
• writing pitches to get paid to work with brands and using apps/sites for local collabs
• reaching out to sponsors or brands for gifted/hosted opportunities
• photo editing including apps/presets
• content strategy and planning your Instagram feed, Pinterest pins, or blog posts
• Instagram insights, analytics and timing

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