Nowhere I would rather be...

Helping you make every day a vacation!

Nowhere I would rather be...

Hi, I’m Jen!

I have always loved to travel! I’ve studied abroad three times, both in undergrad and grad school. I was the director of a study abroad program in London before moving to Minneapolis and eventually working in finance. I spent 2018 taking a vacation every month!

I recently quit my job and moved south for love and warm weather. I promised myself I would embrace every day, find moments for self care, and appreciate all the little things about Dallas and Texas!

I’m always looking for a reminder of my travels or a moment that takes me on a mini vacation! All I know is there’s nowhere I would rather be than here!

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Social Media Coaching

Want to pick my brain about your social media? Let’s do it!

Two sessions are currently offered:
1. FREE Fifteen Minute Coffee Chat Consultation
2. DISCOUNTED Sixty Minute Strategy Session

I’d love to have an open conversation about your social media needs! Whether it’s just starting or already a success, everyone needs a few pointers on social media strategy!

Check out just a few of the common topics for consultations:
• creating a new brand from the platform up
• growing your authentic Instagram following
• expanding to other platforms like Pinterest to increase traffic your website
• expanding your knowledge to increase engagement on your page
• writing pitches to get paid to work with brands and using apps/sites for local collabs
• reaching out to sponsors or brands for gifted/hosted opportunities
• photo editing including apps/presets
• content strategy and planning your Instagram feed, Pinterest pins, or blog posts
• Instagram insights, analytics and timing

Social Media Coffee Chat

*Ready to chat? Click the Coffee Chat link to schedule a free 15-min session to learn more!*

We’ll use this time to go over your questions and needs to assess your social media goals. A quick conversation to ensure you’ll be getting what you want out of a paid session will give you confidence before scheduling!

No job is too small or question too silly—we can discuss it all during our chat! Rest assured all pricing is flexible and negotiable so don’t hesitate to ask!

Schedule a FREE Coffee Chat to get started!

Social Media Coaching Session

*Ready for action? Click the One Hour Social Media Coaching session link to schedule a full session!*

Sessions are currently discounted to $40/hr!(Normal social media strategy rates start at $50 per hour, additional pricing is negotiable)

Depending on the goals and preferences you have after our Coffee Chat, I will lay out a short or long-term strategy for your social media. In full sessions, we will go over the details of your current social media analytics (if applicable), strategize future goals and tracking, troubleshoot current issues or concerns, and quantify deliverables with prescriptive actions. This Social Media Roadmap will be specifically tailored to your social media’s purpose, and will dictate strategy and the tactics prescribed for reaching its desired goals.

In future sessions, we will continue to track your analytics, review strategies in place and restructure the roadmap as needed. As your goals pivot, we will delve deeper into your social media objectives and through measurable marketing can plan a more long-term strategy, which may include specific projects, á la carte services, continued social media coaching, or hands on assistance with your platforms!

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