Nubian Godess

All inclusive birthing experience

-3 (1hr) prenatal visits
-birth support
-3 postpartum visits (does not include overnight newborn care)

3 (1hr) prenatal visits

Choose from child birth education, birth mapping, comfort measures, or customize to your needs.

Birth support

Have your doula present at birth to ensure your decisions are informed, heard, and thoughtfully considered

3 (1hr) postpartum visits

Bond with baby and family as you heal from your satisfying birth experience

Virtual support

Call, text, or FaceTime your doula anytime regarding your pregnancy concerns

Nubian Queen

Customize your experience

You get to tailor services to your specific needs
*there is a 1 prenatal, 2 postpartum visit requirement*

Nubian Virtue

24/7 virtual support

Call, text, or FaceTime your doula anytime for your pregnancy concerns

Nubian Flower

Postpartum support only

Prioritize recovery and wellbeing with your doula

Price List

Costs for each services listed in packages

Prenatal - $35/visit

Each an hour long; topics such as child birth education, comfort measures, and birth plans

Labor support - $375

Doula present at birth for coaching and support

Postpartum - $35/visit

In-home support for recovery and newborn care

Virtual support - $200

Curious questions or concerns? Text/call/FaceTime your doula anytime for advice; at 37 weeks, doula will be on-call

Overnight Newborn care - $20/hr

Get a full nights sleep and your doula will provide care for baby’s needs; multiples fee applies** $10/hr for each additional newborn

About Dominique

Meet your doula

Dominique is a birth doula, training completed through Sista Midwife Productions. She attended Wright State University and obtained a B.S. in Biological Sciences, before pursuing a career in birth work. As a birth doula, Dominique works with clients to tailor their preferences into a full birthing experience that will become a cherished memory. Her scope includes birth maps, comforts during labor, postpartum care, overnight newborn care, and more.

Her calling to birth work was inspired by the push to support the rise in Black Maternal Health using naturopathic methods. Dominique also supports people of color, birthing people and members of the LGBTQAI+ community, including surrogates, transgender, and non-binary individuals. She aspires to help her community and lend a helping hand in closing this gap in disparities by providing a loving and supportive birth experience.

She enjoys the calmness of crocheting and meditation as well as the excitement of learning new dance and Zumba routines.