About Don FU

Better Utilize Life Long Years; Goals Accomplished Mean Everything

Born in Cleveland on April 28th , 1977 to Charles and Rochelle Marshall. Darnell Marshall (Aka Don Fu) Grew up in a home full of music and love, every morning on the weekends I remember waking up to artist like The Dazz Band, Zapp, Prince, Morris Day, The temptations just to name a few. This put music in his heart, which is the reason he decided to become an artist. But growing up wasn’t very easy.With a tough older brother and a younger sister he was always stuck in the middle of something.His family moved around the city often. Renting from place to place fixing up other peoples property until the landlord decided he could get more money for the property. Next thing you know the family had to move. This continued throughout his childhood and teenage years. At first,he looked at it as if it was a negative thing but soon realized that people gravitate to his personality. Embracing that logic allowed him to flourish in different settings. He calls himself Hood,Heights because he spent equal time on both sides. This trait allows him to have multiple perspectives in his music. Fast forward, Don has been blessed with 3 beautiful children. He also built a brand, BullyGame Fitness and Apparel.The future is looking bright as he builds momentum for his debut album dropping 2022.