Here to change nursing culture through care, growth, connection, and sparkles!

Throughout my 16 years of being a bedside nurse I gained lots of experience and PTO....However, it all that came at a high cost.
I lost time with my kids, my identity, and my health and wellness.
My journey to find the ultimate work life balance was my mission which ultimately lead me in the direction to help other nurses obtain that balance and really create a life and career where they can thrive in all areas of their life.
As a nurse mentor, I gathered the tools that I used myself to help me achieve the same goals!
Nursing is about connection and helping others. The toxic culture is something they just don’t prepare you for in nursing school. It’s become the norm to accept self sabotage and I am here to help change that nurse by nurse. Through mentorship, reinvention, & exploring multi-dimensional parts of nursing we become stronger than ever as individuals and together!
So if you’re ready to be a part of that change in this nursing culture! If you’re ready to make a change away from being too tired to take care of yourself, your family, and your patients.
If you’re ready to create a life & a career where you can be excited and energized! Then let’s go because this ride is a journey. A journey that they should’ve taught us in nursing school.
I will walk with you and they only thing I ask is remember why you got into nursing and get ready for real change! Not the change that you see climb in the clinical latter. True internal change. Better person which ultimately will make you the best nurse!
And I’ll always make it your mission to put yourself as a priority and share your journey with another nurse.  because we grow when we share! And that’s really what Nursing is all about. Helping others!

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