hi i’m britney

a little about me and my sweet family

My hubby Adam and I have been married 3 awesome years and together for a total of 6! We have 3 amazing, smart, and beautiful little girls. A 2 1/2 year old named Ella and 8 month old identical twins named Olive & Maggie.

I am a stay at home mom now but previously was an RN at an awesome hospital with some pretty amazing people that I miss very much. But..... I very very much love staying home with my children and I’m glad I get the chance to do that.

I live about 2 hours away from my side of the family and so I try my hardest to post lots of photos and stories of us, our kids, and lives so that they feel like they are part of it on a daily basis. Having 3 kids under 3 you can imagine it’s hard to keep in touch with EVERY single family member every day.

I also have a following of moms like me who are either pregnant or already have identical twins and we enjoy seeing how each other survives the days, months, and years. I like posting my fashion finds, sales, and anything that helps us get by each day or makes life that much sweeter. If you like it then welcome to my page!

Ok thanks for listening!

Ella Rae

a little about my crazy fun girl

A huge dose of sweet with a dash of sass

My sweet girl Ella is 2.5 years old. She made me a mama and taught me all I know! She is the sweetest big sister we could have asked for and she puts up with a lot! This girl is a total ham, loves to dance, sing, and be nutty 24/7. She definitely keeps us on our toes!

Climbing every chance she gets, loves to color, play with stickers, and share her toys. She talks so much and there isn’t a day that goes by where she hasn’t said something that has made die laughing!

This little girl is my inspo for many oufits ideas and I love to come up with the cutest combos for her and share our finds via links on my LIKEtoKNOW.it page!

Shop all of Ella’s outfits here

Olive Taylor

my sweet, sensitive, snuggly girl

Olive is 8 months old and an identical twin. She was my tiniest little babe weighing in at 4lbs 11oz. She’s my baby B, my sweet, kind, reserved one. It’s crazy to see how different she is compared to her twin and her older sister Ella.

At times this girl can seem more difficult to care but she is my mamas girl. The one who likes to snuggle unfortunately in the middle of the night. She prefers to watch from the side lines and smile and enjoy what’s going on around her. Her smile can light up the whole room.

She likes to stand and furniture surf all around the house, play with toys, laugh at big sister, and follow her twin Maggie around.

I also enjoy sharing photos, outfits, and product finds for her too it’s just much much harder to get pictures of these too. If you ever see one, know there was tons of hard work involved, quick timing, clapping, burp cloths, and way too much energy expended! But oh so worth it right? I want to make a individual intro for her because duh even though she is a twin she is most definitely her own person with a very apparent personality.

Maggie Mae —

a little about my spunky, smiley girl

My happy Maggie is my bigger (at birth) baby A. Weighing in at 5lbs 2oz she needed just a little bit of help and had to go to the NICU for a few days. They took sis with her for company. I talk a whole lot more about their birth story in another card! Check it out!

This girl is wild but a good mix of her big sis Ella and twin sis Olive. She is quick and gets into everything. Olive tags along just behind her but frequently it’s Maggie who is getting into trouble. She loves to stand against anything and everything as well. She gets super cray and let’s go here and there lately. Like she wants to walk at 8 months old or something! She has just a tad bit longer hair than Olive too and it’s the only indicator besides personality that helps us tell them apart quickly.

You’ll see me sharing all my outfit finds and fun products for her too! So stay tuned and keep following us for more cute content!

Check out all of Maggie’s looks here!

Twin Pregnancy —

September 2019

Here’s the start to the story of your twin pregnancy journey! The moment I found out we were having twins I immediately searched the Internet for other moms either pregnant with or who had monodi twins. Once you are faced with something that isn’t all that common, and it’s scary you want to seek comfort in other people’s successes, stories and advice. So I hope mine will help someone find comfort someday too. .

The beginning of our story wasn’t so fun we had we had a miscarriage , then got pregnant again right away, saw A baby on the ultrasound but saw a “thing” in there too. It’s been called so many names, (cyst, fibroid, blood clot, unformed triplet, mass, etc). So my doctor sent me to se an MFM (maternal fetal medicine) perinatologist. .

At 9 weeks I had an ultrasound scheduled with the MFM. I was not excited about this appointment because all it was for was to check on this “thing” that is overly stressing me out so I went alone. The tech started scanning. She said “heres your little bean” and we heard the heartbeat. She was so sweet and I’ll cherish this moment forever. She did some measurements of the “thing” which got bigger, again! and then she scanned over to the other side of my belly and she said, “here’s the second baby, you know there’s two right?!” I will never forget this moment, EVER. I asked her 4 times, “what, are you serious” “are you sure” “are you joking” “are there really two babies”. She told me she was sure and continued to show me both babies as I started crying like crazy. She had to stop the ultrasound for a minute because I was moving too much. I told her I wasn’t sad I was just so shocked, surprised, scared, everything and this was the first time we heard this news!

The entire rest of the visit was focused on what kind of twins we are having and how we are considered more high risk because our babies share an outer sack “chorion” and a placenta. Lots and lots of ultrasounds and monitoring were in our future. .

Golf ball gender reveal product link

When we found out we were having twins we could NOT wait to find out “what” we were having. I was so incredibly tired and sick compared to my first pregnancy that Adam and I were convinced we were having boys.

Our totally awesome friends Nick & Hannah were sent the results of our sneak peek at home gender test (I’ll link the test here) and quickly put together the most fun, intimate gender reveal! Adam hit a golf ball that was going to explode with powder in the color of the gender. Right when he hit it and all that pink powder came out I was immediately shocked and for a tad second bummed because a big part of me really wanted boys this time around to change it up. Omg! I could not imagine our life any different now but I won’t forget that moment!

Adam, turned around took a huge deep breath, did a nervous laugh and then said ok that’s it we’re having girls! Forever a girl dad now right?!

Sneak Peek Gender Test

Big sister Ella was only 16 months old when we found out we were pregnant with the twins. We had always planned on having a second baby exactly when we did but we obviously were not planning for two! She was too young to know what was going on or what was coming her way but all I did know was she was going to have an amazing bond with her sisters that I just couldn’t wait to witness.

What we didn’t know before and get asked about till this day is that identical twins are actually not hereditary. People always say so whose side of the family has twins? We say none! It’s the woman’s body that decides randomly to split the one egg later on in the process somewhere around day 10 I believe.so cool, my body just said hey this baby is pretty awesome let’s make two of her!

19 weeks twin update

We saw the perinatologist on Thursday and the girls are doing great! Both measuring only one day apart!

She checked their hearts and so far so good, we see a specialist for fetal echocardiograms around the 20 week mark for further checks since these type of twins are at a higher risk for heart issues.

Baby B is a punk and she takes up all the room. As you can see she is kicking her sister in the head in the ultrasound lol. It’s hard to get a good pic of both of them now in the same frame. So baby B needs a spunky name since she is constantly moving around compared to her sister. Also, I feel huge but everyone says my twin belly is tiny and it’s very reassuring.

21 week twin update

This week we saw a pediatric cardiologist to do fetal echocardiograms on the babies. If you don’t know what this is it’s an ultrasound of the heart to check for an defects or inpatient a to blood flow in both the babies hearts. Mono/di twins are at a higher risk for heart defects so we were referred to get this done and it’s standard practice to get checked. Both girls have perfect healthy hearts and blood flow! Yay! Check that off the list!

One of the last few shifts at work but I got out out on leave.

The amazingly beautiful baby shower my mom and sister threw me. We decided to do this early ok because weren’t quite sure if or when I would be out on bed rest and if I could handle being on my feet.

23 week twin update

The black sweater is definitely giving a slimming effect but I was about this size with Ella at 36 weeks pregnant feeling all the things I felt towards the end, right now.

At last weeks appointment both girls looked great and are now in the 1lb range and should double their weight in just this next month alone!

Can’t believe we’re only looking at 10-13 more weeks until these girls make their arrival!

25 week twin update

This last week we hit a huge milestone!!! Viability! Meaning if the girls came now they are very likely to survive and thrive although we still want them to cook a lot longer!

At our last two appts this week both girls are looking great! I am officially off work and it couldn’t have came at a better time. I can’t even make it through a target trip without feeling like a baby is going to fall out in the checkout line!

I feel like I need to lay down every thirty minutes, I pee every twenty, and I am having a hard time sleeping. It scares me to know it’s only going to get worse. But only 9-11 ish weeks to go!

My sweet girl always loving on my twin belly, kissing it, telling me babies I love them.

28 week twin update

Sorry for the update lull sometimes it’s hard to get up a take a picture when I am not in pjs!

Yesterday we saw the babes and they are doing great with estimated weights around 2lbs 9oz & 2lbs 12oz! The are both head up and facing my back so we haven’t seen their cute faces still.

Starting next week I’ll have NSTs twice a week and will still see the perinatologist once every two weeks. Hopefully next week we’ll have a scheduled c section date for around 36 weeks but for unknown reasons both my docs think the girls will come earlier than that.

In the meantime, can’t wait to sprinkle these girls with love this weekend and continue to snuggle my Ella until they come! Enjoy the bare belly pic.

The awesome & beautiful baby shower my mother in law and sister in law threw me! I felt so incredibly loved and we knew we had a huge support system ready to go for us and these girls once they made their debut!

Belly bumps with my bestie Jaide her baby was due about 3 weeks before me with a singleton! Crazy to see how big my belly is compared to hers!

30 week twin update

The girls and I had a great check up yesterday! They passed their non stress test with my OB. We have to do twice a week non stress tests now to check on the girls heartbeats and their response to movement and of course checking for contractions or any signs of fetal distress.
We also saw our perinatologist who check their fluid levels, blood flow in their brains, cords, and hearts. She checked their growth and they both are measuring exactly 3lbs 6oz each and they are sharing nicely! Next appt is Friday!

Sitting is uncomfortable after a short period of time and laying down is really my only relief now. I am slow and walking brings on those Braxton Hicks very fast so I have to remember to stop and take breaks but it’s hard because I like to be on the move and I like to get things done. Ella is a big help and she enjoys putting lotion on my belly and giving the babies kisses all day followed by an occasional toddler wack to the belly here and there.

How I got by at my appointments with a toddler by myself. Snacks, strapped in the stroller, and an iPad. You do what you gotta do!

32 week twin update

Please excuse my dirty mirror I hope to be getting a new floor mirror soon! It’s so hard to get a good picture of this bump because in person it looks much larger! 80% of my day is spent laying down now. Except for doctors appointment days. My belly feels tight all the time from the littlest things like walking to the bathroom. At night it feels like baby B is trying to punch her way out down below and Baby A is pretty snuggled up in there I feel her from time to time.

None of my shirts fit lengthwise anymore not even maternity shirts and I refuse to buy any with 4 weeks or less to go.
Can’t wait to see how big these girls have gotten next Tuesday and I wonder how much longer they will stay in there!

32 weeks 4 days twin update

Yesterday at my NST I was having contractions so my doc wanted me to go see my perinatologist who I had an appt with next then head over to the hospital for some closer monitoring of the contractions, a cervical check & to get 1 of 2 doses of steroids to help mature the girls lungs in the event they come within the next few weeks.

Positives: Girls looked great on their US. Estimated weights were 4lbs 3oz & 4lbs 6 oz! Yay! At the hospital my cervix was all closed up which is good but I’m definitely contracting but I guess not close enough for them to worry yet. I’m instructed to come in if they are 10 minutes apart, more painful, longer, or of course if my water breaks.

Got my second dose of the steroid shot today & monitored again. Still contracting around 13-15 mins in between but home now & trying to relax as much as I can with a 21 month old.

33 weeks 6 days twin update

Not much new here. My mom & sister asked for a new belly pic so here it is. Sooooo done with being pregnant and ready for these girls to come. Sorry I’ll be totally honest I’m not one of those sappy twin preggo moms saying sweet things like happy to have gotten this far, etc even though I very much am happy we are here & they are healthy I am also real.... I’m so ready for these girls to get out of my body. Being this pregnant with twins is miserable.

I’m in a lot of pain and walking from the bedroom to the kitchen is a serious chore. We don’t go many places now and when we do I feel like a circus act.

Thankful for my super sweet toddler who comes to kiss me on the forehead multiple times a day and says “it’s ok, your ok” whenever she hears me moan & groan.

35 week twin update

35 weeks....... and that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

Hoping this is my last bump pic for you all except for the beautiful hospital gown bump I’ll show next weekend.

6 days and 16 minutes until we meet these cuties, but who’s counting?! Me, it’s me! I’m counting! Every second. Lol

Happy Birthday Baby Girls!

2.27.2020 at 8:21 & 8:22 am we welcomed our baby girls Into this world!

Baby A: Maggie 5lbs 2oz 17.5 inches
Baby B: Olive 4lbs 11oz 18 inches

We are all doing great. I’m recovering surprisingly well and both girls are in the NICU just for extra precaution because of their gestational age. We will keep posting updates. All the love and prayers we have already received have warmed our hearts. We are so in love with these girls already!

Maggie Mae

Olive Taylor

And that’s the story! Check out my next blog post for details about the girls NICU stay.

Our Wedding September 2017

The Homestead at Wilshire Ranch

Ok peeps! Here’s all the deets on our wedding at The Homestead at Wilshire Ranch in Oak Glen, California! We had our wedding on September 29th, 2017 yes a Friday! Believe it or not but unless your planning your wedding a year and half ahead most Saturday’s are probably going to be taken up! We didn’t want to do a Sunday because the location was about an hour and a half away for most of our guests meaning they needed to stay the night and we didn’t think making people miss work, possibly hung over on a Monday was cool. Friday was a better option people could leave work early and then have the whole weekend to explore Oak Glen if they wanted after the wedding. What we didn’t account for was traffic. We aren’t familiar with the area and our wedding was to start at 4:30. The area on the way was a high traffic area and some guests were late but we still a managed! So please think of these kinds of things for your guests and yourselves!

This awesome little gem in an all inclusive wedding venue. Down to every little detail they include, ceremony site, reception site, bride cottage, groom cottage, flowers, all decor that you see in my photos , dessert, photo booth with attendants, DJ, food, bar area and servers, food and appetizers. The cottages are available as early as you want that day, rv camping spots (4) where we camped the night before and night of to be close to the venue, and the bar is bring your own alcohol which if you’ve done your research you know is much cheaper!

You guys this is all hard to find and for the price we found it for. I’ll link the venues webiste below and you can check it all out there because prices change each year. The all inclusive part for me was amazing. You make one deposit and they 3 separate payments through the time frame prior to your wedding date and you know that everything is secured and locked down for your special day. Rather then having to find all these vendors on your own, trust that they will do a good job, show up, and you have to give each of those an individual deposit which can add up!

All these vendors only do weddings at the homestead meaning they know the venue well and they work well together like a beautiful and friendly machine!

The things i had to bring on my own were minimal, my dress of course, invites, additional decor like personal photos or signs I wanted but they had so much beautiful pieces of decor to choose I didn’t bring much. Wedding favors, alcohol, and your photographer. I choose mine very specifically making sure she had done several weddings already at the homestead. I wanted someone who know the venue well that way we are getting the most out of our time taking amazing photos because she already knew all the best spots. Might be boring for her but oh well!

The Ceremony Site

Not much needs to be said it’s gorgeous right?! I am looking back at these photos and want another wedding there again, right now! Haha

Chairs are included, everything you see is included! I have to keep repeating this because most venues want charge you for every little detail!

The weniste is linked below but you can also see pictures and updates on their Instagram @thehomesteadinoakglen

The Reception

Ok if you weren’t sold just by the ceremony site alone how about the reception site? So cute am I right?! All decor at this spot, tables, chairs, linens, flowers, guys it’s ALL included!

After you lock in your date put down a deposit which was only like $1700 not bad for a wedding at all. You then book a date to come back during their open house in the later winter early spring where you spend a few hoo ours going over all the details. You meet with the owners who are the sweetest humans you could ever meet! You talk with the florist, bring pics! The caterer and taste different options and wow the food you guys was so good! You meet with the DJ and discuss music, you meet with the coordinator who is a doll! You get so much done in one day, you even walk into their decor “pantry” I would say and give them ideas of what you like for pieces to be placed out ok display and if you see things that are absolute must haves you point it out and they will make it happen.

Just because you come and do this all in one day doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind all of these vendors are easy to get in touch with over the months and weeks leading up to the big day to discuss more. I remember talking to my florist the month of that a certain flower I wanted might not be in season but she made it happen of course!!!

The Dessert

We decided to go with apple pie as our desert we wanted to do something different and so glad we did because everyone always remembers this detail!

You do need to make an extra trip and drive out to this adorable little town and go to this restaurant and ask for this special littlr lady to bring you pie to try. But it’s so worth it and you can easily plan this into the same day if you wanted to.

The Invites

I was and still am in love with my invites. This is something I decided to splurge a little more on because I wanted them to one look very nice but two I wanted less work because I am no calligraphy artist. I had the designer do return and recipient addressing.

I also ordered table place cards from her as well! I’m really glad I did this instead of trying to make these up on a computer they turned out so well and matched my invites! All I had to do was hand this over to the coordinator and they did all the hard work hanging these up and making them look nice.

The Dress

My dress was one of my favorite parts. I really loved it. Crazy as it sounds I found it at David’s bridal. We went there just to try on for fun it wasn’t even the real day we planned yet just my sister and friend Christina came. My sister grabbed it off the mannequin and I told her no way at first. But I did really like the unique material of it! Tried it on and fell in love. It took 5 months for it be ordered and come which was crazy. Now you’ll see if looks quite a bit different from the link I’ll post and that is because afterwards I took it to a very skilled wedding seamstress who made it into a strapless dress and “created” a bustier for that to work but it was doable and with the incredibly cheap price of the dress (compared to most) the extra cost to be altered was in the budget.

My exact dress is no longer available but it was basically a budget friendly version of the Vera Wang Gemma dress which is amazing and linked below.

The Flowers

Again, not much to say here. All inclusive and we met with the sweet florist and came with pictures ready. Here is my bouquet and my sisters (MOH) and the guys boutonnière for inspo.

The Details

Another small thing I had to get on my own was a ring bearer box. So crazy my hubby’s ring isn’t pictured because it wasn’t there yet it literally was picked up from the jeweler by a friend who arrived right as the ceremony started! Yikes! High DONT recommend cutting it that close or you might be tying a string to your spouse finger!

These ADORABLE junior bridesmaid dresses were found by my mother in law! So stinking cute and one of my favorite details from the day!

I tried to link as many of the details from our wedding as possible! As I find more things I will edit the post but for now here it is! Feel free to message me about any questions you have! Also, some things are no longer available or in stock because our wedding was 3 years ago so I tried my best to link a very similar product!

Cinnamon Oat Protein Pancakes

Does any else love pancakes as much as me?! It’s a problem I want them everyday and most day my mini (Ella) wants them too! So I figured I’d share with you all my fav pancake recipe that is on repeat in this house!

Ok so let’s talk about my LOVE for kodiak cakes & iheartmacros protein powder!!!! This is almost an everyday breakfast/lunch for me I love it that much! I was first introduced to kodiak cakes when I started my 30 day cut with iheartmacros a few months ago. I found this adorable blogger @kalekouture and she has the easiest, tastiest, macro friendly recipes! Her love for Kodak cakes is on another level!

When I started my counting macros journey (which I’ll talk more about on another post) I knew I needed to cut back on sugar, fat, and somehow also incorporate more protein into my diet. The kodiak cakes brand packs 10-14 grams of protein per serving depending on the flavor you choose. Which by the way you can make this recipe with any one of their many flavors. I just used cinnamon oat here cause it’s what I had on hand!

When I found iheartmacros protein powder I was sooo happy because it’s plant based, low fat, and tastes so good without hurting my stomach! It’s a protein isolate, 99% lactose free, and there’s no artificial sweeteners. I’ll link all these items below!

1/3 cup cinnamon oat kodiak cakes
1 scoop iheartmacros vanilla protein powder
Water (to desired consistency)
2 tablespoons Carys sugar free syrup on top

That’s it! Let me know what you think by commenting on my post on my IG!

Feeding time with twins —

9 months - purées

Ok! So I felt like this topic deserved a permanent spot on my blog because one, feeding babies is hard/messy and two, feeding twins is a whole different animal!

My pediatrician recommended and ok’d me to start feeding the twins purées around 5 months old. With Ella my first born we started at 4 months and she was sooo not ready! It was a mess and she did the whole tongue spit out method for about a month till she got the hang of it so when I was told 5 months this time around I was A-Ok with that. I have heard of other twin mamas of preemies waiting even longer than this because of gut maturity etc but this is just what I did and what worked for us. We are still only doing purees for now. The girls have tried every kind of food/flavor by now. Our favorite is the Gerber 2 packs because they are the best value (twin moms try to save money), more single food options which I really liked in the beginning it was easier and safer to try one food at time rather than two or three which many brands combine several.

The girls schedule goes like this, they wake up (morning or nap), have a bottle, then about 1 1/2-2 hours after they have a meal, this is 3x a day. When it’s feeding time I grab two packs of food. One veggie and one fruit and the girls share. I’ll take turns, one bite for one then the other. They almost always finish them completely so it ends up being about 4oz of food per feeding each baby, 3x a day. Again, this is just what’s works for us and the girls seem to be thriving on this routine and are happy and healthy.

Now let’s talk about the seating arrangements. It depends on my mood, their mood and what’s going on at the current moment. Most mornings we are playing in the family room/play area so I just get out our fisher price sit me up floor seat pictured and linked here!

Click Here for all the products in this post for quick shopping

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat

I LOVE this seat for so many more purposes than just feeding time which I’ll make an individual post about but it comes with toys attached and collapses down flat for easy traveling! This is what we take on vacation as our “high chair” because it’s so easy to pack! It’s also very quick to clean with wipe down able fabric or you can pull it off easily and throw in the washing machine and air dry in just a few hours which I’ll try and do once a week.

Purchase Floor Seat Here

IKEA Antilop High Chair

OMG! There is sooooo much to say about this awesome high chair! We bought this chair when our first was almost one. I didn’t like our original high chair because she seemed to slump down and it was difficult to clean so when I came across the ikea high chair I was sold! This high is ONLY $20, did you hear that twenty dollars! So cheap! I put it together in less than 5 minutes and it takes that much time to take apart for traveling as well. Now since it doesn’t fold up it does take more space in your dining area but.... with that said i recently found an awesome awesome small business run on IG that sells AFFORDABLE and ADORABLE accessories for this high chair! So you can customize it and make it flow with your dining space and much less of an eye sore like some high chairs.

Yeah Baby Goods is my go to and anything pictured on our high chair is them! The placemats that are perfectly made to fit the tray, the cushion covers which are wipe down material and machine washable, and the footrest! Wow the footrest makes a HUGE difference! I didn’t have this with my first and I can tell the twins are much more comfortable than Ella was! All these accessories and I still spent well under ($100) LESS than the ugly high chair I had originally before I found the IKEA Antilop! I still plan on purchasing the custom lake wraps they sell which come in several colors to make the look even more seamless. I think I’m going to go with the gold color but not sure yet!

This we use mostly at dinner when we are all at the table eating. It helps us normalize the dinner time routine and I will soon be transitioning this time for them to start eating “our” food so that Adam and I can have a break and eat our dinner all while they learn to feed themselves too. It will be messy but fun!

Purchase High Chair Here

The Footrest

The footrest!!! We have the maple finish! Read all about the good ergonomics that go along with having a footrest on their website! And... please excuse my babies dirty feet, 3 under 3 ok, we ain’t always sparkly clean!

Purchase Footrest Here

The Joovy Spoon Walker

Ok... lately this has been the go to option especially around lunch time. I have my toddler either at the kitchen table or in her high chair eating and the twins are typically already roaming around in their walkers it’s just easier for me to scoot them over to a chair where I sit, use both feet to hold the chairs so they can’t roll away and bam FEED the babies. I’ll do an entire post just about these amazing walkers but for the purpose of this post just know it’s another place for me to feed babies.

Purchase Walker Here

The Feeding Accessories

The basics, now, I personally am using a lot of items I have had since my first baby. I don’t have fancy gadgets or overly expensive, exquisite looking items. From time to time you might see a special splurge here and there where I am attracted to the finer things. Or simply my awesome mother in law will gift them to us but for this post it’s simple and affordable products which I love.

I grab a bowl and sometimes I don’t. Our twins have had some pretty big spit up issues since birth which I was told by the pediatrician and fellow preemie twin moms is totally common. We’ve unfortunately just dealt with the constant spit up until about a month ago. We had a wise twin mom tell me to try adding baby oatmeal cereal to the purées to make it thick which makes sense, if the consistency is thick it’s going to “stick” in the stomach better I believe. Well I don’t have the right bottles to add oatmeal cereal to their formula so we deal with formula spit up still but..... the baby food spit up has dramatically decreased! Hallelujah!

My husband will totally disagree and argue everyday saying it hasn’t at all but the man is not home with them all day taking care of them, it’s me, and I say it’s improved SIGNIFICANTLY! So for the purpose of this post I am going to highly recommend trying this if you have problems. I add enough to make it pretty thick there’s no special measurement but that’s why I use a bowl because lately it helps to mix better. If I am lazy (which is super often) I pour it straight into the little Gerber package and simply mix, it all works the same. I personally like the Beechnut brand of baby oatmeal only because the packaging is slim for my cabinet and it has an easy pour spout, that’s it no other reason. I’m linking below the spoons & bowls for easy buying!

Purchase Bowls Here

Purchase Spoons Here

Extra Goodies

Here’s a close up of the placemat which is from yeah baby goods and the color is called blushing beige. We also have peachy pink which is soooo pretty! The cushion cover color is not currently available but they have so many pretty prints that you’ll have a hard time choosing trust me!

Again, placemats are easily wiped down and dishwasher safe. The covers can also be wiped down but I feel are better cleaned in the washing machine.

Purchase Placemat Here

I hope I didn’t leave anything out and I hope this helps you mamas wondering where to start or what to do when feeding twins or your new baby. It definitely was scary going into it knowing they would be a mess but instead they were pros and acted like I was holding out on them with food. Shocked! They LOVE eating and that makes it even more fun for me now!

Again, everything here is just an outline of how things work in our household. I am in now way a dietician or pediatrician and you need to follow up with your babies doctor first before you start going at it with baby food and feeding for the first time. You also don’t need any of these fancy seating arrangements or all of them by any means. It’s just how we make do with 3 under 3 and we are blessed to have all these awesome baby gadgets in our house! Thanks for reading!!!!

Love Brit