Through my eyes

Ever since I started my blog, I have aimed to push my followers beyond the limits.
This is about nothing and everything. It’s about seeing every little shit from every possible angle. It’s about carrying too much and about not carrying at all. It’s about everything I can imagine. It’s about the reality I live in. It’s about getting everything out of my head… it’s about being free… free from my own thoughts.

I don’t want to run away from them because I can’t escape… they follow me everywhere I go and they give me hell, but it’s my hell and I have to live with it so this is my way to pay extra attention to my hell because I’m Pointless Overthinking.

That’s what I started with. It was all about me, but the journey so far made me realize that it shouldn’t be about me. I started with the idea that I am a problem, but the reality is that I have a problem. A problem of perspective. I thought that life had only one color… my color, but actually life is a rainbow. I can’t get stuck in only one color… I want to see them all. So I’ve started to question my color… maybe it’s something wrong with it. I need to go deeper… to search deeper… to understand deeper…

If I can see more colors within, I can see the rainbow in others.
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