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All about me

Hello!! I am a momma to 4 amazing kids ranging in age from 13 to 28 and a nana to the sweetest 6 year old boy ever. I am a wife, daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, aunt and friend. I come from a small town, but I have a HUGE family ❤

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My Thrive Experience

Hello, my name is Tina Brown and this is my 2 year Thrive Experience.

I am a 39 year old mom, wife, grandma, and business owner! My husband’s oldest daughter brought Thrive to us in January of 2015. She knew that we needed Thrive in our lives, but we didn’t. I wasn’t sure if I was coming or going most days. I was exhausted and didn’t sleep soundly at night. I was dealing with some digestive issues. I had general discomforts in my knee and neck. I would drink soda, tea and coffee to function every day, and I was always in a bad mood at home and work. I was in a negative place, but I had accepted it as life, as part of getting older and that is just how it was going to be. Well, let me tell you that is not true!!

Kelsey Brown was so persistent and consistent telling me that I needed to try Thrive. She was telling me she could help me, but I was not listening. Finally, one day she left a trial on my desk, and said just try it!

Day 1, I woke up, took my 2 capsules, waited 20 minutes, drank my lifestyle mix, put on my DFT and went about my day just like I normally would. Funny thing is, I bypassed my soda stop that morning without even realizing it. I went into work, and I felt awake and alert, nothing crazy, just awake. Day 2, same routine, same feeling. Day 3, WOW! I woke up, took my 2 capsules, waited 20 minutes, drank my lifestyle mix, put on my DFT and went to work. That morning, I was awake! I was alert! I was focused, and was feeling pretty good! I hadn’t felt that good in a long time. I placed an order that day, and made Kelsey bring me more, so I didn’t have to go without!

By day 10, my husband thought I was crazy because he wasn’t noticing the differences that I was. He went to work that Sunday, and I stayed home to do my normal Sunday routine (no shower, eat a lot, do the mountain of laundry and watch lifetime movies all day). This day was different! I got up, did my 3 simple steps and took on my to-do-list with vengeance! By the time he returned at about 9:30 that night, I had not only showered. I had cleaned our entire house top to bottom! I moved furniture and rearranged. I done all of the laundry and put it away! I was vacuuming when he came in! His reaction was how many of those DFTs are you wearing today anyway? Just one I said! As I laid down that night, I started running the past couple of weeks thru my mind. I had been sleeping soundly at night. I wasn’t drinking all that soda, tea and coffee all day to function. My general discomforts were calm. I was not bloated and my digestive system improved (4 months later I lost 25 pounds). I was in a better mood! I was awake! I was living my life, not just sleep walking thru it! My employees were getting a better boss. My kids were getting a better mom. My husband was getting a better wife. I was getting me back!

I became a promoter shortly after placing my first order. I earned my VIP 800, my Ipad bonus, my car bonus and my first lifestyle getaway in just 2 months!! I was reaching out and telling everyone I knew and didn’t know about my Thrive experience and what it could do for them! Since then, my family’s lives have changed in ways I never thought possible! We earned 6 lifestyle getaways! We have taken family vacations that we could have never done before! We were able to purchase a reliable car with our car bonus! Our physical health is better! Our financial health is better! Our emotional health is better!

Listen to those around you telling you about Thrive! We are not out just to sell you some product. We are here to help you get you back, to help you feel better, to help you financially or help you in whatever area of your life you are struggling in! I thank God every day for Kelsey Brown bringing me the Thrive Experience and staying consistent with her follow-ups!

I cannot wait to see what the rest of my journey is with these amazing products and company!

Updated Promoter Experience

We came home!!

Thank You Le-Vel!!! After 20 years in the auto glass industry, working countless hours and giving up valuable time with our family, we were able to do something that we never thought was possible! Two and a half years ago, our daughter, Kelsey Brown, introduced us to the Thrive experience. Being skeptics, we told her no for over a month. Luckily for us, she never gave up. Our passion quickly changed! Thrive has helped us in more ways than we can even begin to describe! We were able to sell our glass business just last month!! We are now blessed with time freedom and the ability to work from anywhere. We all deserve to be happier and healthier! If you haven't started your Thrive experience yet, ask yourself....what am I really waiting for?

This is Jim & Tina Brown, and we want you happy, healthy and thriving with us!!! Reach out to a thriver today, you deserve it!!