what's happening?

palestine has been occupied and in war for years due to israeli settlers. everyone has been suffering there, especially the people of gaza.

they have been suffering through nights of airstrikes. with homes destroyed and families torn apart, the people of gaza are extremely in need of relief.

due to such circumstances, they do not have access to basic services such as education, health care, electricity, clean water sources and much more. lack of clean water and food source, mothers and children are affected by chronic illnesses.

palestine is in danger. this is not a conflict. this is a humanitarian crisis. a literal genocide is happening.

and only your donations can help save a life there.


what's happening?

due to the war, syria has displaced about 6 million people. people are fleeing their homes to survive the bitter cold, shortage of medical care, water, food and just basic necessities.

it has been reported that there is a 20-year decrease in life expectancy because of the ongoing war happening there and this has been going on since 2011.

no human deserves such life of horror, but we can help by giving them a hand to help their distress.


what's happening?

with the ongoing conflict in yemen, millions of lives have been ruined due to the brink of famine.

families have been torn apart and left without many basic living essentials. around 2 million people are living in dire conditions and approximately 18 million people are left without food sources.

with your help, we can get many more staffs and volunteers on the grounds of yemen to provide our brothers and sisters with medical support and urgent food aid.