Malika Sunflower

Malika Sunflower is an Educator of Consent, Polyam 101 & 102, and Community Building. She is an Event Coordinator/Curator of events, and professional cuddler. Her yoga teachings and offerings are centered on meditation, breath work, vinyasa flow, and prenatal. Malika received her 200hr RYT at Sacred Brooklyn, and her Prenatal certification at Integral Yoga and is also a Birth Doula.

Malika is a cis-queer, pansexual femme who cares deeply about her community. She is a Solo-polyamorous, with relationship anarchist leanings and is always open to discussions around healthy relating. She believes in love without ownership. 

Malika is a native Brooklyn New Yorker, a mother, and a curator of positive energy and experiences. Her passions include creating community rooted healing, wellness, removing shame from pleasure, and centering black folks. 

She curates a vast number of experiences including Cuddle Puddle, Sex Church, The Poly Bar and Polyamorous meetups and Erotic gatherings. All events center the importance of consent, boundaries, & community.

To reach Malika Sunflower email [email protected]


Booking Malika Sunflower

Malika Sunflower  is an Educator,  Event Coordinator & Curator and Lifestyle community organizer. 

As an Educator she can assist your company in consent education, polyamory 101, adult yoga, doula practices and the work it requires to be an aspiring safe space.

She is also available for panel discussions, podcast appearances, and one on one consultations on these topics as well


NYC LOVE HOUSE Curates events, gathering and workshops that promote wellness and freedom through various modalities centered around love of oneself. 

Whether through guided breathing, yoga, consent workshops, or erotic gathering. The hope is to aid in someone embracing their multilevel selfs void of shame.


This is a Black Queer Femme centered space. This space is inclusive of all BIPOC gender expansive folks. 

We can facilitate your event ideas. Whether wellness, workshops, or erotic NYC LOVE HOUSE can host your events. 

If you could answer some questions, we could better assist you.

1. What type of event are you looking to throw?

2. What is the goal for the amount of people you want to come 

3. What is the plan for the night you throw the event now that you've seen the space? 

~Rules for the space ~

1. This is a black queer affirming

2. Consent being supported and upheld is very important when operating under NYC LOVE HOUSE 

3. Please clean up all space after the event has ended. All equipment returned back to its original space. All spaces are to he wiped down and cleaned as well 

4. Any broken items are to be reported to NYC LOVE HOUSE and are expecting to be paid for so it can be replaced.

S*x Church

Sex Church is a monthly play party. (Play means sex.) We combine the three varying worlds of play polyamory & bdsm/kink. Join us as we collectively release shame. Celebrate all bodies, release stress and commune together. 

Sex Church works to be an aspiring safe space to be curious about one's erotic desires. Whether it is to just watch others explore or to join the festivities. Both choices are greatly encouraged. Black femmes/non-men are centered but all genders are welcomed.

 Sex Church is made with self exploration, self reverence, and the undoing of the perversion of the erotic. This event is for Black folks, others can come as a guest of black people.

~Polyamorous Community Gatherings~

~Flirty First Thursdays~
Calling all Black and Polyamorous folks Lets meet lets gather, Come thru every first Thursday of the month in Bed Stuy.

-The Poly Bar
Being in community is medicine. The Poly Bar began during the early days of the Pandemic. It was a virtual community for black polyamourous folks to connect. Tribes were formed, lifelong friendships were made, romantic connections were made. It definitely was life changing.  The first group was all genders and the 2nd group was for non-men. .It ended with a weekend in nature. Sign up  for info on the next Poly Bar.

Wellness Wednesdays  —

-Yoga for all bodies-
This will be geared towards effectively using props, so that you can reap the benefits of yoga poses no matter your shape or anatomical structure. I will guide you safely in and out of poses. Experience the benefits of yoga.

-Cuddle Puddle -
Let’s Rest in each other’s arms.
Touch is a basic need. Sometimes you just crave a hug, to share space where you can be a big or little spoon; to be a giant teddy bear or be teeny tiny curled up in warmth.  Join us for an afternoon delight, while you also receive gentle guidance from Sunflower about consent and all it entails

Stay tuned for upcoming events