About the Brand

Oak and Fairy Candle Co.

Oak and Fairy Candle Co. brings amazing scented candles at an affordable price to make wherever you are feel a little more like home.

You see, I have always been a candle lover. It’s something about having candles throughout my home that is so satisfying and peaceful. I love to clean my home and light my favorite candles throughout the house. Lighting a candle definitely solidifies the cleaning (I know I’m not the only one lol). Well, I often ran into these issues:

1. The candles were a good price, but didn’t have a great throw scent when lit
2. The candles gave off a good throw scent when lit, but were so expensive I could only buy one or two of them

The idea of Oak and Fairy Candle Co. is that these candles were create for every candle lover! Each candle has an amazing hot and cold throw scent (scents you smell when burning and not burning) and they are affordable for every audience !

Available Candles

The following candles will be available for the launch of Oak and Fairy

Clean Linen

Clean Linen is a clean and airy scent. This candle is how you imagine a home to smell after it has just been cleaned. This scent is light and perfect for anyone.

Orange Infused

Orange Infused is a sweet and powerful citrus scent. This candle has strong notes of orange, Cedar and bergamot. Not so light but a very warming and calming scent. This candle makes for a well balanced aroma in any space.

Citrus Spice

Citrus Spice is the perfect all around scent. Not too musky and not too sweet. It has the perfect balance of woodsy and citrus scents. This candle is great for those who enjoy notes of woods and spices.

Peach Nectar

Peach Nectar is a great sweet and savory candle. With notes of lemon, peach, and vanilla this scent is sure to please those who love a potent sweet and citrusy candle.


Oak and Fairy Candle Co. will be launching September 1, 2020 !!!