Get to know me

Tengo 25 años, soy un nómada que desea experimentar cómo viven en otros países y conectarte con personas alrededor del mundo, intento mantener mi mente abierta para conocer y entender otras formas de pensar y reflexionar para crecer personalmente. Como cualquier humano tengo frustraciones y sentimientos, pero la mayor parte del tiempo elijo vivir en un estado de felicidad porque razones sobran.

I’m 25 y/o. I’m a nomad wishing to experiment the living way in other countries and to connect you with people from all around the world. I try to keep an open mind to get to know and understand different mindsets and deep think about for my personal growth. As any human being I have frustrations and feelings but majorly I choose to live in a happiness state of mind because the reasons are more.

Enjoy the Joy!

Dividing momentos to focus more

It’s been a busy month don’t you feel so?
Anyway we try hard or do a simple routine to put ourselves out there to show what we are capable of.
Saying that, I was definitely enjoying the visit of my cousin but I felt at some point I was not enjoying for thinking about other unrelated things to her, like usual and I’m proposing myself to learn how to divide moments and situations to really put my attention into it and when is over, fully to dedicate my time to enjoy.
You know when you are working you should just worry about that and not really on planning your weekend but also when you are off duty don’t talk to me about work…I saw that Americans generally speaking have an overwhelming schedule. I won’t even say PIO about Mexicans lol we mix everything as such party!
Some cultures are adopting the 4 laboral days while others had implemented it years ago and I wonder if I’ll be part of it soon….anyway I was here to say ENJOY THE JOY!

Spend time with the fam!

I loved my weekend with Ana! I would count this as our 2nd trip together and I think is funny the fact we used to spend a lot of time together and hopefully for her just as for me, she is very comfortable to hang out with! She loves to walk so do I and also for some reason when something seems complicated she makes it seem like is not.
Everyone needs an Anita in their lives.

BFF catch up

I’ve got to see one of my bestfriends! We both where kinda hungry and we hit on a food truck. The fact she asked for a gianourmus honeybun made my eyes bright. Probably I didn’t eat one in about 3 years. There are special things that move something inside of us and many are thanks to old memories or patterns. I’m so thankful for having Mary in my life, she reminds me a lot of we can be cool and kind and care about each other.

Don’t forget to party and finish dinner.

My dearest and first friend I made when I moved to the USA can stand a party for me for all the nights I’ve stayed at home in the past year! OKAY I’ve changed but I still like to go out and dance or stay home and do it too. AJ is my reminder that there was a loca (me) that loves to go out and party hard. She is super outgoing and gives good advices and omg I’m so glad we are still friends! I love you AJ!