My story

My name is Odalis and if you decided to come on here it’s because you have been intrigued on what I do and you can do it too!!! I am 22 years old and have always had in mind that I wanted to be own boss, make my own schedule, and have time freedom! Can you relate? I was a party animal since I was really young and I honestly just got tired of myself because I knew deep inside I wanted more to life. I got tired of the life I was living. I got tired of being drained and seeing no progress with my life. I joined this journey with MONAT just to make a few hundred dollars off WiFi because I currently work a full time job. Turns out this company has changed me in so many ways that I’m forever grateful for. I am slowly becoming the version I’ve always wanted to be. LIFE IS LIMITLESS!!!!!! A girl who was fully in the party life thinking she’ll be in that position for the rest of her life and now being able to help others to become the best version of themselves while also making an income off WiFi is an honor! I want to be that person I needed when I was down. If you’re looking for more? I GOT YOU!!! I’m looking for people who are ready to level up in every aspect of their life! Do it scared!! Do it messsy! Just do it!!!! Life is too short.