About Oddly Doodly

A Herstory of Arts

Raised by a creative mother, Orked Ali always finds herself wanting to learn and make crafts ever since she knew how to read. She grew up with ambitions to make a career out of arts but it was never supported by anyone, and even doubted by herself.

She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature in 2015 and decided to pursue a Master's degree in Publishing Studies after getting a taste in fiction writing and running a small publishing house, but did not finish her studies due to an illness.

She created Oddly Doodly in 2016 as a platform to unleash some of her creative energy while recovering from her illness. The brand has gone through numerous changes in styles and products as a result of neverending experiments.

However, no matter what she does, she never runs far from her personal preference for arts and literature which covers a span of over 500 years, from the Middle Ages (15th century) to the 20th century.

In 2017, Oddly Doodly continues to operate under the Oddly Doodly Arts & Crafts as a business. In terms of products, Oddly Doodly offers an array of items ranging from jewelry to home decor which are all handmade by Orked in her quaint art studio.

In 2020, Oddly Doodly Arts & Crafts launched SUCCUTE, a sub-brand that focuses on cutesy crafts for succulent lovers. You may find the Instagram link below, next to the button for Oddly Doodly Arts & Crafts' Shopee store.