About Desirae

Mama. Radio Personality.Podcaster. Health & Wellness Advocate

Desirae also known as Des, or DesiiTee.
Raised in VA, currently in Atlanta.

Starting in college radio and obtaining a BS in Communications (Media Studies) with a certification in Music & Entertainment Business. My knowledge and experienced has grown for over 10 years. I’ve worked in professional radio, podcasting, graphic design, concert photographer, social media, music journalist, public relations, as well as being 1/2 of running a indie music platform for 5 years.

Although I talk and socialize for a living I am still a true introvert. Over the years, I have learned to recharge throughout my days while having to energetically exude my skills. Taking care of myself is TOP priority as well as helping people understand that.

Between media and my personal mental health I have finally found the opportunity to “marry” the two and am more then excited to go on this Odessey.

“My dream is to help other people’s dream come true” ✨🤍

Odessey Episodes

Here are my favorite Odessey Episodes so far. Available on all podcast platforms.

Episode 1

What I want, wants me is a powerful affirmation that will make you realize what you want will eventually come.

Episode 4

“Stop trying to be and just be” is a mantra that will help you recognize stillness. Being still will help you learn to being yourself.

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