Hey there!

I’m Ofa and I’m so happy to meet you 😊

Thanks for dropping by to say ‘Hey!’

I’m a pleasure and social justice activist, mentor and coach for misfit women. I believe that we are all beings of love and that pleasure is our untapped resource. My mission is to help guide women back to their bodies, their pleasure and their sensuality so they can reclaim their aliveness and space in the world. I’m a self-confessed geek who loves science and spirituality, a foodie, wifey, mama to a little human and puppies, and absolutely loves to dance!

Fun facts about me:

- My favourite colour is RAINBOW...because I can’t decide on one single colour
- My top two love languages are quality time and physical touch. I’m a hanging out and hugs kinda gal!
- I was pretty good at athletics in high school regularly competing at state championships for sprinting, high jump and long jump. Not quite sure what happened after that though…
- I believe in the healing power of energy and spent two years studying this and our chakra system. Fascinating!
- I LOVE singing
- I am a naturally curious person and am fascinated with learning. Things I’m currently learning - psychology, Reiki, painting and how to speak Te Reo
- I have an unhealthy obsession with buying books
- I met my husband at my front door! He was a door to door salesperson who happened to knock on my door one day. We met, fell in love and have been pretty inseparable since!

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