About @OfficiallyFive

My about me, Links and dni/rules are listed on the following pages. Please read my Dni/Dm rules carefully before following me thank you🥰


About Me

U ´꓃ ` U

❀Big age:❀ 18

✿Name:✿ Ariana

❀Smol rage:❀ 2-6

✿From:✿ California

❀Status:❀ Unavailable

✿Account type:✿ Non-Sexual headspace, Kemonomimi and me having fun

❀Some Likes:❀ Sippy cups, stuffies, bubbles, soft plushy objects, Stickers, Coloring and calling my Human ♡

✿Disorders:✿ Sensory, Asd, severe Anxiety and Depression

❀Special interests:❀ Marvel, Rocks, Crystals, and making theories about specific things

My Dni

Read everything carefully thank you

【Dni (Do Not Interact)】

〖Forms of interaction〗
Following, liking, commenting, reposting tagging and dming


MAPs or Minors in Kink

Under 16 yes I am a non-sexual account but I am 18 I do not want anyone 15 and younger following or interacting with my account
(Baby Bottle)

If you’re going to sexualize my content

You post sexual/sexualize your content (it’s different if you have your spicy links in your bio but if you post strictly sexual content then Dni please and thank you)

✿My head space is my personal comfort and my safe space if you at All interfere with that I will block you thank you✿


Do not DM me just saying “Hey” “Hi” “Hewwo” “Hai” “Hello” or any other single word greetings if you’d like to start a conversation with me respond to a story

Do Not ask to be friends in my comment section I’ll either not respond, Restrict you, Block you or delete your comments it makes me uncomfy and puts pressure on me

No anti Kink, Agere, Furry no Racism will be tolerated
(Cherry blossom)

Do not send PP pics I will report you 🙃

Do not come in my dms trying to be my Daddy or start a relationship with me I have a human whom I love very much and he is the only one I will call Daddy or want to be involved with

I have a few people I simply don’t mind doing on here but as for actual friends takes some trusting with me if wed have to have talked awhile and get along really well and feel comfy for me to consider us friends

If you have read everything send me the emojis belonging to the code words throughout this page and your age thank you 🥰