Work With Me

Heal Yourself. Change the World.

I work with women who have a soul calling to impact humanity and desire to always be expanding herself. The frequency I hold is accelerated as I am here to shine a light on the dark spots so that you may be liberated. If you are READY to change your world, create new paradigms for yourself and do it all from within, this is for you.

It doesn't matter to me what you want to create.

Does it bring more Love to the world and to your world?

Does it come from the depths of your Soul?

Are you willing to let go of the barriers within you that keeps you from being the most incredible version of who you really are?

This work is not for everyone. You will learn to live on the edge of your edge. You will access your deepest truth and you will create a life of alignment from your luminescent, brilliant, radiant Self.

What would be a miracle for you? That's the realm we will live in during these 4 months together.

Your outcomes depend on you.
Your results come from you.
You have all the power.

We will work in the realms of frequency, vibration, the unseen and you will come to know your exquisite power from deep within.

It will challenge you as you shift yourself from identifying with the evidence of the physical world into identifying yourself with the wisdom and magic of the Universe held within you.

The investment is $20k for 4 months + a 1 year membership in Miracle Love Transmissions.

If you showed up to every meeting we have as if you paid $20k for it, who would you have to be? What would you focus on?

I will not coach you. I will guide you, channel higher truths for you, tell you the truth as I see it and make Great Asks that will quantum leap you.

Limited spaces are available for this service throughout the year.

If you see this page then space is available.

And if this speaks deeply to you...I am full of Joy that we have found eachother.
-Marilyn xx