About Me!

...helping Queens adjust their crowns👸

Love and Life are my 2 favourite words in the world!

I give a lot of love out and unashamedly I expect to get as much. 💅

I'm passionate about helping women be the best version of themselves, dishing out advice here and there, even when unsolicited for 🙊... I just have a weird way of forcing it down your throat🤣😂

During my journey to self-discovery, and believe me you, it was a long and tortuous one, I learnt and unlearnt a lot of behaviours, my thought processes changed from negative to positive and the best part being, changing my social circle. This last bit played a huge role in perfecting my transformation.

When I see women struggle emotionally, mentally or physically, I reflexly just want to reach out and help, but only if they are willing.

So if you are reading this, then you obviously or desperately want to be a best version of yourself....or could it be that you are curious to know more about me 🤔🤣😂

So sit back Queens, it's going to be a long awesome ride!

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And what they mean to me!

Everybody needs a push at one point in their lives... There might be family or friends who will probably be there to do the pushing but most times you may need to push you🤷🏽‍♀️ These are the moments when certain quotes from certain people come into play. I do not joke with these quotes because at one point, they have helped in forming me🤗

#1 Quote

If this doesn't hit you the way it hit me, then I don't know what will again. This picture says it all. Comes in really handy especially when you have a lot on your plate.

How to manage your Time well

#2 Quote

Success means different things to different people. But how does one truly define success... This quote kinda summarises what being successful is.

What Success truly means

Blog Posts on "How to Start your Journey on Self Discovery"

Top Tips on Self-love and Self-awareness

The only way I have come to realise, to truly achieve the highest level of joy and success in every aspect of your life, is in truly loving yourself!

When you start loving yourself, things start to fall in place: the right people, the right business opportunities, the right thoughts and beliefs.

Girl, you deserve to be happy. So come... Let's show them how to love YOU! 💋