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Offtopic is a podcast started by two friends from Cape Town,South Africa📍 with the intent to give the youth and their peers a voice in a world where one may believe they do not have one. Cebisa and Yanga are living life in the fast lane with motoring conundrums posed by the Offtopic podcast , we also look at how Cebi got lost at OR Tambo International Airport and accidentally boarded a plane to Durban and how Yanga's latest album is a must hear album which is streaming on iTunes and Spotify.They also shift in second gear talking about the Black Lives Matter Movement, Gender Based Violence in South Africa and how as the youth they look to tackle these issues and social injustices together. As well as taking a deep dive into relationships , music, friends, crazy experiences and how they've been surviving lockdown. Stay tuned on Spotify @Offtopic

You can download the Spotify App on Google Play store or on Apple iStore and stream the podcast on the Spotify App for free . Podcast:@Offtopic

Our Top Picks

We are all going through a lot of uncertainty, which can cause a lot of anxiety and stress and here at Offtopic we understand it can be hard and so we have compiled some practical recommendations of some things that have worked for us during lockdown ,share them with friends, family and try them out and be sure to tell us if they worked for you. DM or message us and tell us what has worked for you during lockdown and we will be sure to add it to our Offtopic pages or our stories. STAY SAFE .

-Much love from the Offtopic family


Recommendation #1

Jamming to your favorite music can always be calming, whether your working out,cleaning your room ,making study notes or to just to boost your mood, its always a good idea. Send us your favorite Spotify playlist and we will share it on our accounts.

Spotify Playlist

Recommendation #2

A good workout session can go a long way. A simple 20 minute walk,joy or cycle can go a long way in improving your mood, focus and get you feeling fitter by the minute #pushyourlimits
Send through your workout routines and we will be sure to add it to our pages and stories.

Workout Routine

Recommendation #3

Try something new.
It is easy to get bored,especially during lockdown , but it is also easy to try something new , while keeping you entertained and pushing your self out if your comfort zone and testing your limits.
Let us know what new skill you've learnt during lockdown.


Recommendation #4

Try journaling.
At the end of each day write what you did ,who you talked to and what you learnt and let your emotions flow on the page and at the end of each week ,review what you have written and this could help understand yourself and emotions better or set practical and achievable daily goals(e.g Clean room)

Journal Movitation

Recommendation #5

Staying connected with the ones you love during this tough time doesn't have to involve social media. Make someone's day by sending them a heartfelt gift through the post. In need of ideas? Check out our roundup of the best gifts to shop during isolation.


It starts with you

One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching.