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Oh For Fudge Sakes is a home based business known for it’s fantastic fudge! We have base flavours and are constantly changing it up with seasonal favourites and new ideas!
Not only do we make fudge but we have flavoured popcorn that will leave you wanting more! Homemade candy and caramel apples that are amazing! Ole fashioned sponge toffee is also a blast from the past. Rounding out our collection of treats is our tasty chai tea and harvest tea. A homemade blend that you add a cup of boiling water to make a steamy cup of deliciousness!
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Oh For Fudge Sakes


We are a small home based business well known for our fabulous Fudge. We make homemade fudge in a variety of flavours. We carry traditional flavours as well as seasonal specials and ideas for new flavours pop up and we give it a try!
We have flavoured popcorn that is sure to keep you snacking and happy. We have lots of flavours as well as glazed popcorn. We also make amazing caramel popcorn balls!
But we don’t stop there. We make candy and caramel apples. And good old fashion sponge toffee.
And to top it all off we make a homemade chai tea blend and a harvest tea. Just add a couple of teaspoons of our secret recipe to a cup of boiling water, sit down, relax and enjoy!

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Caramel apples

These caramel apples are sooo delicious you will savour every bite!

Double dipped in caramel leaves this apple a succulent treat. When you bite in the caramel stretches as you pull the apple away. Rich and delicious will leave you wanting more! Plus they are apples in there too, so it’s healthy right??!!!