About Emiley

Being made of light and darkness🦋

Being me is a rollercoaster. The ride has its ups and downs, twists and turns, but I always keep my eyes open, my arms raised to the sky with a smile on face. I don’t fear much of anything because I always seem to finish with love and happiness in my heart.

I’m known to talk to the moon and the moon talks back to me In the most miraculous ways.
I have a gift of knowing and I understand peoples darkness. I am good at channeling your inner intentions and help you understand your shadow side. I’m known by my friends to be a Spiritual Healer. And I take that title with PRIDE✨

I’ve been a Moon worshipper since I was 14. Converted from Catholicism to a Spiritualist at 30.
I practice reading Tarot in hopes to heal and bring guidance and clarity to anyone open to be free to be themselves and find their purpose.

My Love for the finer things in life

What is on my Ottoman?


The Witch of Portobello by: Paulo Coelho

This is one of my favorites. Those who have been on the spiritual path know Coelho's books have a lot to do with humanity, spiritual growth and philosophy. It doesn't matter where the story happened or how the setting looked like. A desert is a desert; we don't need more description to help us see the background.

Coelho's books lead us to examine our mind and our heart. All his stories can happen in anyone. Sometimes a story touches the deepest weakness of human being to the extent that almost unbearable. But he can always find the light in human which echoes in our life.


Conversations with God by: Neale Donald Walsch

One of the best books I have read in my life, read it many years ago. Very deep, insightful and enlightening for me, controversial in some aspects but cuts right through my conception and belief about true spirituality and fanatism of any kind.


Warrior Goddess Training by: Heatherash Amara

So much love for this book. I've used several passages to speak words of compassion / wisdom / universal truth / soul food to ignite passion & inspire conscious awareness of true Self in my everyday life. I've even started using the title itself "Warrior Goddess" to remember these deep truths as part of my "big myth" (lesson 9), to inspire myself, and also use the phrase as a greeting or closing "the Warrior Goddess in me sees / honors / loves the Warrior Goddess in You✨ I will definitely like to lead a Warrior Goddess book club in the near future & spread the love!

Reading Tarot

Email: Tarotbyohemmg@gmail.com for $10 readings

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