If they Don’t Know Your Dreams Then they Cant Shoot Em Down- J.Cole


Hey guys. I’m Daniel but everyone calls me Danny. I was born in Killeen,Texas, lived in New York for a couple years and then moved to Miami, Florida which is where I live now with my grandparents. I’m a 20 year old High School Graduate from Miami Northwestern Senior High and ever since then I’ve had about 4 jobs and my life hasn’t really escalated anywhere.
I’m not going to lie to you though I haven’t always been the brightest kid but I know that I have a lot of potential to be someone great in life and that why I took on the opportunity to be apart of something as great as Monat!!

Someone of you are probably wondering how I got into Monat and I’m about to tell you. I saw this girl’s story on Instagram story who is my Mentor to this day. By the way her name is Daisy. Anyways I’m watching her story and I’m just confused as to what she’s doing because I never heard of Monat before and I was just curious as to what she did and how I could join her! Long story short, I signed up and honestly it’s the best decisions I’ve ever made not only because of the money but because of the people that are in this business. Their energy is always on HIGH you know. Supporting each other and helping everyone in their team to be successful! That’s probably my favorite about being apart of Monat. Knowing that you’re never alone like EVER!

Why did I join Monat?
My “Why” is because I wanna give back to my grandparents. They’ve raised me since I was 3 years old and I just can’t thank them enough for taking care of me all these years. I know that them dealing with my hardheaded ass wasn’t easy but they still did it. My whole family has never given up on me even when I wanted to give up on myself because I thought I was going to be a nobody in life and just be working at a fast food restaurant and not that it’s a bad thing but you get what I mean. I want more for myself because I know that I can achieve greatness.