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Oh My Girl Media is dedicated to helping women get in more positions of power in their professional and personal lives. Emotionally, mentally, politically, financially! It doesn’t matter if you do your work in a laundry room or a boardroom. I’m here for it. Being an intuitive success coach has allowed me to grow many successful businesses. I help people get unstuck. I’ll show you how to recognize toxic behaviors in yourself and others and supply the tools and the workarounds so you can experience more joy in your life and make more money in your business. I am a customer service expert with 25+ years of management experience in corporate, franchise and sole practitioner businesses, with strengths in team alignment, business ethics and mentoring. I have the ability to help people shine by working through objections and resistance. There are solutions to your problems, and guess what? I’m a problem solver!
I am here to serve this community and to contribute to a culture of empowered and enlightened women. Each of us is here for a purpose and a passion. We all have something to offer each other and the world. Let’s make sure the story we are telling ourselves every day is a positive one. Let’s all shine In 2022. The time is now.
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From group coaching to personal support, I have you covered.

OMG Coaching is dedicated to assisting primarily female owned and operated businesses. Whether you have just launched are established, or if you feel that you aren’t working your purpose and need help identifying it, I can help. Make more money doing what you love. Feel more fulfilled and enjoy your passion vm. For years I was working myself to death and barely scraping by. The stress was highly toxic and the universe forced me to take some time off. It was time to reassess. I’ve grown many successful businesses big and small, but for other people . I’m being the woman I wish I had as a mentor when I started my career 30+ years ago. My management and life experience helps me deliver my unique team building style and positive results while maintaining a joy filled work and home environment . Radical empathy and self worth are a strong duo that can overcome most distractions. I’ll help you grow in all the ways you need, and get whatever is blocking you from your joy and success out of your way. Click the link below for a free consultation, let’s chat! 786-571-5523 OMGhelpishere@gmail.com be B C B B B


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Hey guys thanks for tuning in! My name is Mary Celine Smith and I have been known to be a bit bossy. No matter what it is that I am pushing you to do, things will only change when you say so. I am a big believer in the power of words every word is an action or catalyst you can quickly spark positive changes in your life! you can also do damage so speak kindly to yourself! I had to learn how to use my powers for good and not evil. Negative self talk is nothing but destructive. It’s like being in a hostile work environment all day but you are in your home office alone. this podcast is to help everyone find the language they need to be more successful and joyful! So look under your seats and grab those keys because you get a car and you get a car! C’mon, I can’t give everybody a car but you get some love, you get some empathy, you get some good habits and you you get success. It can all be done because you said so.

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Soul Train(ing)

A self care bootcamp you can boogie to!

Lost your spark? Stuck? Not sure how to take that next step to joyful living? Are you pressed for time? Do you struggle with setting boundaries, limiting beliefs, low self worth? Sign up below! During our five day Soul Train(ing) challenge you will gain the tools to practice self care for your mind, body and soul in just minutes a day. Self care didn't come naturally to me. I was raised with benign neglect. I was in survival mode for 50 years. After landing myself in the hospital with an array of disorders, I realized that force, strength and speed can only get you so far. Now is the time for ease, radical empathy and self love. Join me! We all deserve more T.L.C.!