🌿Wife, Momma, Pedi CRNA learning to live a less toxic life🌿

it doesn’t have to be all or nothing...

A little intro 🙂

I love solo trips to Target, really good coffee, wine and food. I’m a newly obsessed, novice snow skier ⛷ I found oils when I was looking for safer products for my super sensitive skin baby. I was also struggling to “find” myself again after the birth of my second little love. Discovering oils gave me a creative outlet, something I could learn about that was just for me. While oils and nontoxic products have been my “thing”...my family has also reaped the benefits of my newly found passion.

Oils and nontoxic products started as a hobby but has turned into a full blown lifestyle. I absolutely LOVE it. I enjoy finding creative alternatives to conventional products we all buy off the store shelves without really scrutinizing what’s in them. I think people feel overwhelmed by thought of switching to a cleaner/nontoxic lifestyle. But ya know what, it doesn’t have to be ALL or NOTHING. Make some small changes, just start thinking about what you are bringing into your home. Times are changing. People are paying MORE attention to what goes into their food, makeup, cleaning products, candles, etc. I’m so thankful for God’s creation of these powerful plants. Join me on this wellness journey!