Candice Hackett

dõTERRA Wellness Advocate

Join me on this journey we call life as I share the power of Essential Oils and the magical benefits they have to offer the human body.

About me

How I found the job I love

A little about me, I never really knew what my absolute dream job looked like to me. I never had a "when I grow up I want to be a.....". I mean I 100% envisioned myself as famous singer on a big stage, but lacked the talents of the singing voice of a singer, and only my childhood toys could have tolerated my singing.

As I went through high school I discovered my creativite side and really enjoyed cosmotology. Hair dressing actually came super natural to me and I was actually super good at it. But as I graduated high school and went off to college, still searching for my real passion in life, I followed a path of a pipe dream I had that I would travel the world, work and live abroad, meet people from all walks of life. I completed a 2 year program of travel and tourism and right out from school landed a decent paying job in a travel agency. I was really good at some aspects of this job, I wore many hats in the company and the thing I enjoyed most of all was helping people. I loved the feeling of helping customers/clients get what they needed, and was very good at always staying professional and friendly. I was a really good leader and loved to help coworkers when they needed help. I stayed at this company for 10 years, but when I had my 2nd child, I knew my office career was not my calling, and chose to become a stay at home mom.

Being a mom, such an amazing experience and I cherish it every day. I loved those years when my boys were super young, although financially things weren't amazing, I would do it all over again as that time of my life was so special and I often reminisce back to the memories.

In 2016 I needed to start helping financially for the household, and was faced with another fork in the road, do I go out and get a job away from the house? Or do I stay home and try to make money while still being the #1 parent at home all the time. I chose the path of staying home, and opening a home childcare service. This was such a great fit for me, as a natural nurturer, leader and an experienced mom it just came so naturally to me. I met some great friends along this journey, had some pretty great experiences teaching young children during their early years of exploring, and got my absolute fill of baby snuggles. This job was a great one and I was still doing it until the 2020 pandemic hit and I was left with no choice but to close my doors temporarily at first, which a few months later then led to permanent. Running a business o
in my home, with many people coming and going on a constant basis just felt a little too stressful in the current situation we were (are) all living through, the COVID19 pandemic.
So again, I find myself teedering at the end of the fork again, feeling like this turn may be the biggest turn of all. Now what?

Well the next turn didn't come as easily and as natural as the ones I previosuly had taken. I knew once again, the future was changing for me and I needed to help support the household finances, but still be the constant parent at home as my kids were (are) still young.

How I found dõTERRA and became a wellness advocate. I had been dealing with a lot of anxiety, skin issues as well as digestive issues for quite some time and a friend of mine recommended I try some of her products that she was selling. Essential oils by dõTERRA. I had some Essential oils in my house, but they collected dust more than anything else because I never understood the true prowers they had. Once I was shown the I importance of having a high quality pure oil, and how to use them properly, my life changed and I knew then I had finally found my calling. A little hesitant at first to jump into another type of "MLM" (multi level marketing) type of position, but decided this was the perfect time in my life to give something my all and see what could happen.

A job doing something I love, helping people. Helping people find natural alternatives to common issues that humans live with on a daily basis. Headaches, stress, acne, skin issues, digestive problems, fatigue, insomnia, pain and inflammation, anxiety and depression... the list goes on and on for the things that Essential oils can help with, and I absolutely love when I get feedback from a client of how amazed they are at the power of the oils and how amazing their experience has been so far. It make me feels so great knowing that my job is to help people learn how to heal, nourish and appreciate they're bodies using pure essential oils, one of nature's most powerful tools available to humans. I love that I get to use my creative side as a lot of my business is done on social media. This job has a great social aspect as well and has brought me closer then ever to a close friend who lives provinces away. It fullfills a void in my life I never knew how to fill. Until now. I have time freedom and flexibility, and work from literally anywhere I have access to wifi service.

And best of all, I am still the constant parent at home always for my boys as they change and grow.

I can finally say, I love what I do, and
" when I grow up I want to be a mom, a wife and a successful career woman doing a job I love to do. "

Do what you love, and love what you do.


Oils for Life with Candice H

I share all my hacks at using EOS (Essential oils) on a daily basis. EOS can do amazing things for skin, body and mind. They can help from the inside out and vise versa.

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