Hi there!!

Hi!! I'm Kelly, a single mama to an amazing toddler and a fur mama to the best mutt ever!
I'm a coffee addict, slightly awkward, a hippie and a simple jeans & tee kind of girl!!
The beach is my souls happy place...and I live in Minnesota 😂 Beach vacations are a must as often as possible!
I watch grey's on repeat and would rather spend an evening with a good book than going out!
I've found a new love for DIYing with my oils, including lip balms, salve and bath bombs!

Just a simple girl

I don't have a picture perfect Insta. My hair is usually a mess, I rarely wear makeup and I work in pajamas 80% of the time 😂
I prefer to thrift shop so Beau is seldomly in "fashionable" outfits. Also, he's an outdoor kid so there just isn't much point since he destroys everything 😆
We live in a house built in 1875 (yes, 18). So you might see posts on insta about fixing up some stuff or frozen water pipes occasionally 🤦‍♀️ we're still working out the kinks!

The light of my life

This kid makes me laugh so hard some days 😂

Oily journey

I got into Young Living in June 2020. My bestie had been using them for a while and I decided to jump in feet first.
I told her immediately I'd never do "the business side" (more on that later).
I instantly feel in love. Big ugly feelings you need help dealing with? There's an oil for that. Hormones out of whack? We've got a few for that as well. Want to clean your house with a product that's plant based? We've got that covered too.
Young Living is so much more than essential oils. We have an amazing community of like minded people who have vast knowledge on every single product YL has.
The "business side" came naturally, even though I've said for years I'd never do an MLM or network marketing business. There's tons of education, never any pressure from anybody and who doesn't usually share about things they love?
That's my big sales pitch 😂
I love them....so I share about them!
We have all the education groups you would ever need to get started!

All about that kit

The best bang for your buck!!

Hello, beautiful starter kit.

Over $400 of goodness for $165, and the very best way to get started detoxifying our home and taking charge of our health. We are so thankful for this stash!

Thieves🕵🏼‍♂️- the healthy-keeper. It boost immunity &  smells like Christmas #winwin

Citrus Fresh🍊 - neutralizes bad odors, makes a yummy linen spray, smells ahhhhmazing, happy & uplifting & is great on skin.

Frankincense🙌🏼- incredible for skin, eases occasional & minor tension, promotes feelings of calmness & balance. Was given to baby Jesus as a gift #BAM.

Raven👃🏼- feels amazing in chest & throat rub, respiratory support & makes you wanna breathe deep.
Digize🤢- supports a super healthy digestive system and is a MUST HAVE during those tummy trouble times.

Lemon🍋- maintains energy levels, supports in detoxing your body, good for digestion, immune system...#theworks.
Stress Away 🌈 - exactly what it says. We rolls it in our necks or wrists or pop it into the diffuser whenever we need it!

Peppermint🌱- so versatile. Supports digestive system, promotes proper nasal & respirotry function, helps curb sugar cravings...love. this. stuff.

Panaway💪🏼- so many types of relief...especially muscles!!

Lavender💜- Swiss Army knife of oils. Great for relaxation, sleepy cream, creates a calm environment for kiddos, great for dry/irritated skin.

Peace & Calming 🌿- hit the reset button on a hectic day and restore the harmony in your space

Valor 🦁 - for bravery, for big days, for all days... and for snoring husbands

+ our beloved diffuser
+ samples of all sorts of things
+ community of friends on a similar journey
+ membership discount forevermore

Feeling: GRATEFUL 🥰”

Have an awesome day, friends!

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