5- Week Training Guide

to a healthier, stronger, more confident YOU


3 strength training workout/week for 5 weeks

2 upper body days and 1 lower body day

Guide Breakdown

for the experienced and inexperienced gym-goers

We have all experienced that moment of getting excited to workout, walking into the gym and coming face to face with the intimidating equipment with no idea where to start. This guide is for anyone that has gym access but is seeking a little bit of guidance through their workouts. It is also for those of you that have plenty of gym experience but are looking to switch up your routine a bit. Whether you’re new to the gym or consider yourself a regular, everyone will gain some insight (and strength hehe) from my 5-week guide!

Upper Body Day #1: back and biceps

Balance out your physique while gaining the upper body strength you never knew you needed! You’ll see improvements in back definition and strength within the first few weeks.

Upper Body Day #2: shoulders, chest and triceps

Separating upper body days into training push muscles vs pull muscles allows you to consecutively hit both of the workouts hard while preventing overtraining. The rounded shoulder look that you may be striving for comes from workouts that you’ll complete on upper body day #2!

Lower Body Day: glutes, hamstrings and quad focused

And finally, everyone’s favorite: lower body! Okay so I’m being a bit sarcastic but training lower body SHOULD NOT BE SKIPPED. Training lower body helps with overall functionality in all areas of life. These are some of the largest muscles in your body and should be developed and maintained. During this guide you will see improvement in stability and also some booty gains along the way, no complaints there!



When broken down, that comes out to a little over $2 per written workout. I know that I am a bit biased because I made the program and all but that is a STEAL.