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Did i hear you ask yourself "Why should i pick okrika wholesales?" Here's why!

Well, I'm sure you must have wondered and pondered even after seeing all the beauties on our page and that is very normal. As a supplier,i second guess all the time too and that's probably why I don't sell some items,lol

OKRIKA WHOLESALES puts your needs and that of your customers first. We prioritize Quality over quanity everyday and with this, we have been able to build a solid community of people whom we refer to as geng members in over two years of it's existence.

Every pieces has it's unique selling point and is handpicked most importantly. Each items goes through quality assurance checks before it finally gets to you so you can be sure you're getting your money worth.

We have so many features that sets us apart and we will be more than willing to discuss them extensively in a chat with you!

we look forward to doing business with you and your brand!

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With as low as #20,000 you can start selling thrift clothes for ladies and make a fortune from it,ask us how when you're ready!

Our best seller is the minibale. Our Minibales are unique to iur brand and we make sure you get your money's worth. Prices range from #91,500 to #114,000... Will you like to start with this or less? Send us a Dm!

If you're new or struggling with the business we will advice you buy our ebook which teaches you some of the vital things you need to know to make money in this line of business

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