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Batik Cake

Soft, moist and full of chocolate with cream cheese indulgence, super tasty like ice cream cake.

Topping Chocolate Ganache
• 5” RM25
• 8” RM35

Topping Indulgence & Choc Ganache
• 5” RM30
• 8” RM50

Topping Indulgence & Biscoff Spread
• 5” RM35
• 8” RM60

Add on topping (RM10-15)
• Fruits/ KitKat/ Kinder Bueno/ Cadbury/ Hershey’s


Made from premium dark chocolate, cocoa powder and 100% pure butter. Less sweet, fudgy and tasty.

Plain Brownie
• 5” RM15
• 7” RM25
• 8” RM30
• 10” RM40

Add on topping
• Nutella/ Biscoff Spread/ Peanut Butter/ Salted Caramel/ Almond RM5-10
• Fruits/ Marshmallow/ Kinder Bueno/ Hershey’s/ Cadbury RM10-15

Brownies Dip & Dip

Made from premium dark chocolate and cocoa powder. Special topping loaded with 100% belgian chocolates.

• 5” RM30
• 7” RM40
• 8” RM50

Hazelnut Cheese Brownies

Made from premium dark chocolate, cocoa powder and 100% pure butter. Cream cheese and hazelnut spread on top.

• 7” RM40
• 8” RM50

Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake

Made from crushed Lotus biscuits in the crust, creamy cheese mix with biscoff spread in the filling, melted biscoff spread on top and a halo of Lotus crumbs to finish it off.

• 6” RM70
• 8” RM90

Red Velvet CC Frosting

It’s dense and soft with a moist and velvety crumb. The absolute best part about red velvet cake is coated with cream cheese frosting and berries on top.

Whole Cake
• 7” RM75
• 8” RM85


Assorted Cheesetart

Choice of flavour:

1) Strawberry
2) Blueberry
3) Nutella
4) Cheddar Cheese
5) Salted Caramel
6) Magnum
7) Biscoff Spread

Mix 2 flavour / All Strawberry / All Blueberry
25pcs - RM35
50pcs - RM68

Mix 5 flavour / All Nutella / All Salted Caramel / All Cheddar Cheese
16pcs - RM30
25pcs - RM40
50pcs - RM78

All Biscoff Spread / All Magnum
16pcs - RM35
25pcs - RM45
50pcs - RM88

Assorted Cheesetart Bajet

Choice of flavour:

1) Strawberry
2) Blueberry
3) Nutella
4) Cheddar Cheese
5) Salted Caramel
6) Biscoff Spread

Mix 3 flavour / All Strawberry / All Blueberry / All Nutella/ All Cheddar Cheese
16pcs - RM24
25pcs - RM30

Mix 5 flavour/ All Biscoff Spread / All Salted Caramel
16pcs - RM32
25pcs - RM38

Baby Brownies

Baby brownie with the original hazelnut spread. Let’s brownie bites make your day.

Full Nutella
• 36pcs RM25
Mix Topping
• 36pcs RM25-30

Biscoff Cheesecake

Portion for 1 - 2 pax.

Size: 10x10x6 (cm)
Weight: +- 340g
RM24 per jar

Mango Cheesecake

Buttery biscuits base, creamy cheesecake filling with mango cubes and fresh mango puree on top.

In Jar - RM18

Mini Pack
2pcs RM18
4pcs RM35

Biscoff Cheesecake Mini Pack

2 pcs RM24
4 pcs RM45


Soft, moist, creamy and super tasty like vanilla ice cream.

Creamy Custard filling
• 25pcs RM30
Fresh Vanilla filling
• 25pcs RM25

Giant Cheesetart

Buttery, crispy, crumbly tart crust that goes well served with premium cream cheese and any filling on top.

Nutella Spread
• 5” RM30
• 8” RM40

Biscoff Spread
• 5” RM38
• 8” RM50


Transparent Box RM5
Ribbon RM3-5
Wish Card Design RM1
Cake Topper Mini RM1
Cake Topper Gold RM3
Fondant RM3 - RM5



1. Please be informed that delivery services are run via a third party rider where charges are applicable depending on time and distance of location from Ovenlakibini.

2. Any door-to-door service will be charged RM2 for any delivery to building, please meet rider at guard house or drop off location.

3. Delivery time is not allowed to be fixed therefore please choose ONE slot:
a) 8:30-11am
b) 4:30–7pm

4. Please be alert as the runner will call you upon arrival & please make sure you/ representative are available at the delivery address. Fail to do so, the product will be returned to our premise without refunds.

5. Therefore, only make the payment once AGREED with the tnc.

Self pickup - based on my availability.