Old Soul Antiques

~ Local Business ~ 1512 3rd ST Marysville, WA

🌿🌼🌸✨ Old Soul is a vintage interior boutique. Everything in the store is hand picked out with thought and displayed wonderfully by the owner of the store, Jennifer Morgan.

Primitive, rustic, chippy, and farmhouse antiques are the main focus/inspiration of Old Soul. Some of the main things you will find in the store are vintage dressers, display cabinets, garden decorations/tools, farmhouse doors, barn windows, vintage kitchen tools, and so much more!

Make sure to really take your time and look all the way from the floor to the ceiling so you don’t miss any hidden gems 💎. Come check out Old Soul! ✨🌸🌼🌿

Old Soul Vintage Interiors

✨ Some items that have been / are in the store ✨

Jennifer is always bringing in more antiques to put in the store! Check out the store often you will see something new every time ;)

Mason Jar Galore

Ball, Kern, Presto, Atlas, we’ve got em!

All sizes

Blue & clear are our most popular!

Grain Bins

Antique primitive general store grain bin with metal drawers. Old school bulk section!


Watering cans in multiple colors & sizes found at Old Soul!

Antique Board Games

What games do you see from your childhood?

Games anywhere from the late 1800’s to the mid-late 1900’s.


Password, Regatta, and old addition + subtraction cards are also pictured.

1937 Monopoly from Great Britain

Pre WWI era, this vintage monopoly board comes with all of the original pieces. The currency is in pounds.

Lone Ranger

Popular in the early-mid 1900’s, this game is still intact and in good condition!

Vintage Yahtzee

The gang, cootie, and a puzzle of Big Ben are some other games pictured.

+ many more!

Come and take a stroll down memory lane!

View from 3rd Street