My Drive

My mother•my best friend•my inspiration

My name is Olga Moreno and I am originally from Omaha Nebraska. I moved to Texas after marrying a Texan and I love being able to stay connected with my family and friends!

I have worked my entire life in customer service. I am driven and passionate about helping others succeed.

My love for my mother who passed in 2015 is my motivation for wanting to live every day with purpose and to make her proud!

Join my Team!

“The true success in a person is when they see their Team succeed through their guidance.” -Author Unknown

Hello! My name is Olga Moreno and I want to help you obtain your hair, skin, & wellness goals! I want to help you become your best version of yourself!

I am here to push you beyond your capabilities. I want to push you outside of your comfort zone. I want to help you cultivate your ambitions and your dreams!

We are M.O.R.E.

We are mentors for all women through positive and constructive feedback. Inspiring each other for personal growth and empowerment.

•Outstanding (or Oriented for “goals”)
Anything we put our hands in, we complete in an outstanding manner. As my mother would say, “We don’t quit what we start and we always give it our best.” We are hard-working women and are not afraid to roll up our sleeves.

All things are done with the intention to leave a mark, a personal stamp and a good impression in all who we interact with. We are very detail-oriented and give superior customer service so they in turn are retained as loyal customers.

We work in collaboration to have multiple lines of income, to be financially educated and entrepreneurs.

Come join the Sisterhood Team MORE and let’s grow together to have MORE!

Let’s reach our goals TOGETHER!

Let’s Get Glowin’

Let’s Go After Our Dreams!