Lashes & Brows

Where I go for my lash and brow needs

If you are possibly thinking about getting your brows done, let me be the one to tell you to go through with it! I have a very fair hair color. So, my eyebrows were blonde. It was a pain to try to fill them in everyday to show that I even had eyebrows. (The last picture is my before). I also did not have a good shape or a lot of hair. So when doing my makeup my eyebrows would never look the way I wanted them to look, they looked very unnatural. After going to Diamond Bell I had my dream brows. She took her time measuring out my my brows  precisely to fit my face, and selected a color that matches my fair complexion. She takes so much pride and dedication in her work that she will always have you satisfied. Now, I wake up without having to fill in my brows if I want to go somewhere & when I do put a full face of makeup on, my brows are already sculpted out perfectly! These brows are perfect for not only woman who wear makeup but, for woman who may not be able to grow eyebrow hair that they are desiring. This service has such a vast variety of different achievements that you can get for your brows, and such a wide demographic (older or younger)! If you ladies have any questions about this feel free to ask away, I am more than happy to answer and explain how ombré powder brows work! 😊

-hesitant about cost? No worries, be on the lookout for her birthday deal😻🤑💰