A little bit of progress each day adds up to big results

So happy you’re here, Welcome! My name is Olivia, feel free to call me Liv for short(:

I am a Makeup artist, an Entrepreneur. I’ve been in social media marketing for about 10 years, and loved the idea to be a boss babe of my own.

I am soon to be 22 years of age, & grew up in a small college town. I eventually moved to start fresh! I wanted to meet new people with similar mindsets to mine, where we can elevate & be successful (: working a 9-5 just isn’t how i want to spend my whole life. Within my confidence, passion, knowledge, & even trauma, i started to invest into myself to have a new beginning, which led me to have a successful online business + lifestyle! This amazing business allows me to help woman across the whole globe. (USA, UK, Portland Canada, Australia, and Ireland) and even more it’s literally it’s amazing how much we have already expanded🤩

Yk i was lost for a bit, and didn’t have much motivation to keep going, i knew i was made for more in this world…
I wanted to give others a chance to show what they’re truly made of so I decided to help motivate woman to build an authentic brand online while earning a source of income AT HOME or even on the move. Better yourself & have the lifestyle you want, ITS ALREADY YOURS 💫

Come along & join me if you’re just needing a friend, motivation, or a better beginning for yourself & for your future. It all starts with you to succeed. 💕
• Im always available for you, so please reach out📲 or to make it so simple, down below is the form to get started on your journey. I can’t wait to work with you & have you join my team. I’m all about wanting the best for everyone, we meet people for a reason & I can’t wait to share this opportunity with you.

For those that are just wanting to help support me in my journey the next page will be your VIP
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