Killer Copywriter

We all have a story.

Hiii, I’m Olivia.

A 90s baby,

A little bit of hippie and a whole lot of hustle.

During the pandemic, I was researching remote positions that pay well and I came across a YouTube video titled “I made $10,000 this month Copywriting.”

I tossed the blouse I was folding, and ran as fast as I could to pause the remote.


I thought that had something to do with copyright laws.

In a span of an hour, I researched all I could and realized I finally found my purpose.

With a strong passion for sales, brand strategy, writing, and marketing… I stumbled upon a gold mine. 🤩

One that benefits others.

One that allows me to build landing pages that sell themselves.

How many times do you “window shop” online?

Adding things to your cart. 🛒

You’ll come back later, right?

Sure you will.

In an age of a limited time span and a limitless field of information fighting for our attention, it’s more important now than ever to declare your WHY.

WHY you do what you do, and WHY someone should choose YOU.

I’m determined to help as many people as I possibly can: to WIN. 💰

To win over your audience, just by being you.

From Landing Pages, to Email Campaigns, to a 90 day GAMEPLAN to get you to where you want to be financially… It all starts with good copy. 🖊

(The words you read on a website, email, beneath a social media post, etc.)

Book a free 20 minute discovery call now to see how we can turn your brand into one that is unforgettable. ✨